6 Easy Steps to understand a girl

how to understand a girl

We often tend to hear that understanding girls completely is humanly impossible well; and we often try to understand a girl and fail every time. This is because girls are a bit complex creature. They think one, say one while mean another. They often drop signals that become tougher for boys to gauge. You cannot really read their minds but if you do, chances of misinterpretations are high! Nevertheless, they are not as impossible as it sounds.

Do you want to figure out the ways to understand a girl ? READ ON –

  1. Read between the lines

    – There is a difference between – “OKAY, Okay!, OK. OK!, and okay……”. Now, even though the word is same and ideally, even the meanings are intact you need to read what they did not say. Never believe exactly what she says, sometimes she asks “WHAT” giving you chance to let you change your words and not as a question.


  1. Pay attention

    – One of the best ways of understanding a girl is to pay attention. Once you pay attention to her body language, her words and ways it gets easier for you to understand her no matter what she says.


  1. Talk to her

    – The best way is to have a talk with her. Most of the girls are talkative by nature and hence they open up easily. Talking to her makes her trust you enough to lay down the walls that are built. If you genuinely wish to understand her have a good communication with her every once in a while.


  1. Do not be judgemental

    – You should not judge her at any cost. Whether she wears a short skirt, whether her belief are traditional, whether her body is inked with tattoos, whether her visits to temple are too frequent.. Do not judge her at any cost. You cannot try the process of understanding someone until you break down all the prejudice that you hold about her.


  1. Read the gestures

    – Gesture play a significant role when it comes to understand her, which is why you are advised to read the signs carefully. Try reading her body language, expressions when she is around you, when she is talking about a particular topic or an event. They say – “eyes reveal what tongue puts behind the veils”.


  1. Show that you respect

    – You need to respect her along with her ideologies and beliefs. So, if you really wish to understand her begin respecting her. Once she believes that you respect her as an individual, she will open up giving you an opportunity to understand her.


Do not rush to understand her, this is a process that would bear fruits eventually hence do not hurry up. Understanding a girl is tough but not as impossible as it sounds. You just need to put a little more efforts than usual and make it a point to get it noticed by her.

“Never try to understand a girl, you will either go crazy or fall for her.”

– Smita Kaushik



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