7 Body Language Mistakes You May be Making at Work

You may never know, but some of your gestures at work may be going wrong. These body language mistakes could affect you as well as your business. The movements you make may affect you as well as the person you are interacting with. Sometimes the body language mistakes may even cost you a promotion. So look out how you sit in your workplace or how your other gestures are while you are at work.

Not Facing People

Not facing people may conclude two reasons behind it. Either you are not interested in what they are talking, or you don’t respect to their points. This could create a bad impression on the person talking to you. Try to face the people when they are talking to you. It shows a sense of respect.

Checking Your Fingernails

Checking your fingernails while someone is talking to you or you are among a group of people shows your nervousness. It may also indicate that you are getting bored with the conversation going around. Try to sit properly and take part in the conversation to show your interest.

Scratching Your Head

When you scratch your head while you are talking to someone or presenting something in front of a group of people, it shows that you are not confident about what you are speaking. It shows even you are not sure for what you are convincing others. Try to look confident by making proper hand movements and avoid scratching your head.

Having Poor or Bad Posture

Having a bad body posture may have a great effect on your work. It builds a sense of negativity in the people around you. A slouched posture may show your disinterest at work. Sitting with putting your legs up on your table appear an awful posture. It shows your disrespect towards your work. Try to sit and stand straight while working.

Avoiding Eye Contact

Avoiding eye contact with the person in front of you shows a lack of confidence and knowledge about your subject. It leaves a bad impression on the person sitting in front of you. Try to have an eye contact when someone is talking to you so that you may look more confident.



Fidgeting is a sign of nervousness. It shows that you are feeling uneasy when you fidget your fingers or your feet. It also gives a signal of anxiety. It shows that you are getting uncomfortable with the situation and want to get out of there. Don’t make repetitive movements at work as they may indicate your uneasiness.

Uncontrolled Gestures

Uncontrolled gestures like Yawning, laying your head on your table, stretching your hand wide may create a negative impact on the people around you. Try to avoid these gestures at work.