8 Warning Signs That You Are a Nerd

Let’s not get confused between the words nerd and geek. There are signs of nerd that can help you understand the difference. Though the base line of both the works may seem to be same, but both the words have different meanings. Geeks are those people having extreme interest in one particular subject and know almost everything and every fact about it. They may have interest in more than one subject but there is a subject which takes the priority and makes them the geek of that subject. Nerds on the other hand are the people which are usually related with academic subjects like mathematics or science or sometime computers.

If this meaning is clear to you let’s get forward and see if you are a nerd. Here are the warning signs to check whether you are a nerd or turning to be the one:

  1. You are the weirdest among your group

First sign of nerd. We are not saying that you are the psycho type but you are weird. It is because you talk everything in a logical way. You have the explanation for everything you speak. And your friends totally love you for this.


  1. You enjoy debating about almost everything

You know the facts behind almost everything. And you love to let others know what you know about. And hence you can debate about everything and love doing that.

  1. You have got a super natural mind

Highly intelligent or super intelligent are not the words made for you. You mind has got the super natural power to keep everything in it. Hence you have a super natural mind.

  1. The best book you have read is a ‘Dictionary’

You do not read or look out dictionary because you have to, you read it because you want to, because you love to.


  1. You never get out of your house

You have everything at your home with which you can spend your time. The books you read, newspapers, magazines. You have almost thousand video games to pass your time with. And most of all you have your best friend, computer always by your side at your home.

  1. Your friends love the names you call them by

You always choose a weird name and have the best logical explanation for the names you give to your friends. And another weird thing is your friends love your explanation.

  1. You know more IP addresses than phone numbers

Yes. It’s true. You can remember IP addresses faster than phone number and you do so. Even some time you may forget your own phone number but can never forget a single IP address.


  1. You remember movie dialogues in binary

You take your conversation on the way where you use movie dialogues for the things you want to reply and you remember every dialogue you known by heart. The best thing is you even know these dialogues in binary.