Adolf Hitler: the moves he made to conquer all

Childhood of the greatest dictator of all times
Born in Braunau am Inn, Austria, on April 20th 1889 Adolf Hitler was the illegitimate child of Alois Hitler. Right from the childhood, Hitler had been short tempered and grew hostile towards his father with passing time. Alois Hitler died in 1903, leaving behind quite some wealth. He left school in 1905 and took up painting. Hitler was very close to his mother whose death in 1907 left him aggrieved. But he did become the reign supreme of Germany and most of Europe, so let’s see why;
Making the right early choices
Hitler went to Vienna, where he applied for Viennese Academy of Fine arts, but was turned down twice. It is then when his mother died. All this added to the anger and frustration of him. He returned to stay with his more successful friend (Kubizek). During this time he led the life of a vagabond, roaming from here and there, selling arts cheaply and living in a community home. It is during this period that Hitler developed the hatred for Jews and Marxists. Hitler got close to Karl Lueger, Vienna’s anti-Semitic mayor, a man who used hatred to create a party of mass support. Hitler was previously influenced by Schronerer, an Austrian politician who showed hatred for liberals, catholics, socialists and jews.
Hitler’s involvement in the 1st World War
Hitler moved to Munich in 1913 and avoided the Austrian military by virtue of being unfit. However when the world war broke out in 1914, he joined the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment. He served throughout the war as a Corporal, refusing every promotion offered. He proved himself to be an able soldier winning two Iron Crosses. He was seriously injured a couple of times, once being temporarily blinded. While in hospital, he learnt about Germany’s surrender which seemed as a betrayal for him.
Making the right Political moves and ventures: manipulating at the right time
After the defeat of Germany, Hitler considered that Germany needed him. So he decided to stay in the army and stayed with the socialists. Very soon he was able to manipulate others and an anti-revolutionary started to build up. It is now when he discovered his great oratory skills. In 1919 he was assigned to be a spy on a political party named German Workers Party. Instead he joined the party and rose to power real soon. After being assigned the post of chairman in 1921, he renamed the party as Socialist German Workers Party and gave the party the symbol of Swastika. He also organized a personal army of storm troopers and assigned the uniform of Bron shirted and Black shirted men. Again his oratory skills came into the play.
The Beer Hall Putsch
In 1923, Adolf Hitler organized Baverian nationalist under the figurehead of General Ludendorff into a coup. The declared their new government in Munich and a group of 3000 stated marching through the streets. But they were confronted by police who opened fire, killing 12 people and arresting many. Hitler was one of the arrested and he was sentenced to 5 years prison, of which he had to serve only 9 months. It is now when he wrote his book Mein Kampf(my struggle), which sold over 5 million copies by 1930. In this book he showed his hatred for Jews.
Hitler’s rise as a politician: the vital turn
After the Beer Hall Putsch, Hitler decided to seek power through subverting Weimer Government system. He carefully built the NSDAP or Nazi Party with Goering and Goebbels. The Nazi vote jumped to 107 votes in Reichstag in 1930.
In 1932 he acquired German citizenship and he ran for Presidentship, coming 2nd to Von Hindenburg. Later that year, the nazi party became the dominating party of Germany and he was appointed the Chancellor. In 1933 Hitler started getting rid of his oppositions. After the death of Von Hindenburg, Hitler became the president.
The Hitler we know about
As years passed by, Hitler gained power in Germany, locking up enemies and bending the rules as per his will. He started breaking the treaty of Versailles and started building up armies. He tried to change the society as he wished and encouraged women to breed more and bring in laws it secure racial purity. The Jews were getting targeted. Employment fell to zero. He became the supreme leader of the army
2nd World War
1n 1939, Hitler started conquering territories with his army; first Austria, and then Czechoslovakia. It was in 1940 when he attacked Poland and the other nations started to oppose. He attacked Russia in 1941 in attempt to take control. But this was a fatal mistake and the allied forces pushed back. With defeats in Africa and other failures, he got isolated from the rest of the world and ended up locking himself up from the rest of the world in his private bunker in Berlin. Driven of paranoia, it is here that he married his mistress Eva Braum and committed suicide inside the bunker.
Adolf Hitler- insanity
Decades after his death, commentators are still drawing conclusion that he might have been mentally ill. His genocidal acts, shrewd mentality have always been a topic of debate. However, his master stokes, which began early in his life, were the reasons why he was able to build up such a fiend reputation and a great empire.
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