Ambulance For Cows: This Is Adityanath’s UP

ambulance for cows , Up Yogi Adityanath

Post the Centre’s proposal of UID numbers for the cow; the Uttar Pradesh government takes yet another step for the protection and upkeep of cows in the state. Ambulance for cows it is. The ambulances will rescue injured and sick cows and take them to the gaushalas and veterinaries hospitals.

Cow protection seems like the top concern for the infant BJP government in UP. Soon after Yogi’s oath as the Chief Minister of the most populous state, several steps to safeguard the sacred animal of Hindus. Yogi cracked down illegal slaughter houses and imposed a grave voice against beef eating. Add to that, the most recent announcement of ambulance services for the cows.

The new CM’s affection for the Cows has been known and publicised nationwide. He also moved in his cows in Gorakhpur to his new residence in Lucknow. As a next step, the Deputy Chief Minister of the state announced this recent pro-cow assistance. Mr Keshav Prasad Maurya on Monday hailed off an exclusive ambulance service for cows.

At the initial stages, the service starts in Lucknow, Allahabad, Gorakhpur,  Varanasi, Mathura. The service will run in close collaboration with the MNREGA Mazdoor Kalyan Sangathan. It’s an organisation working for the welfare of farmers and labourers. The Sangathan even warns of the strict actions against people abandoning cows after they go milkless and other who force them to eat the plastics off the roads.

However, the ‘Gauvansh Chikitsa’ mobile vans are no new or unique ideas. A Jharkhand based social worker did the same when he donated ten ambulances for unwell cows. The other state governments are also making some serious cow protection policies. In Gujarat, slaughtering a cow leads to life imprisonment and Haryana has a helpline for reporting the smuggling and slaughtering of cows.

As noble as this action may seem, controversies appear to surround it. A video surfaced where a man in Etawah carried his 15-year-old’s dead body on his shoulders for the lack of ambulance. This is the proof of dull medical facilities of the state. Also, in a similar event, a man wept with his 3-year-old son killed in a road accident. He wasn’t aware that the ambulance is free and waited for his friend to arrive with a two-wheeler. Later the police interfered, and ambulance arrived.

So while this cause of animal protection is a great concept, it also raises a couple of questions. Why protecting just a single species and not others as well? And the bigger question, what’s beeing done for proper medication of the human residents?

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