Basic Self Defense Tips You Should Know

Do you travel alone all the way long to your home? Or do you live alone far away from your family? Being alone brings more chances of being attacked as the fear of crime is getting increased with the passing days. Here are some tips you should know to protect yourself or anyone else if anything happens around you:


  1. Awareness

Self-defense doesn’t only means you have to learn kicking and punching. The very first step to your self-defense is the awareness of your surroundings. Try to be aware on the way you travel or the place you are going to. Attackers take the advantage of people who are unaware of what’s going on.

  1. Escape

When you feel something unusual in your surrounding don’t try to get into it. Just try to escape from that place. Sometime some unknown person may appear to offer you to travel with them, though all people do not commit crime but you should not forget the other side of the situation. Don’t accept the offer unless the person is known to you. Just avoid them and escape from the place.


  1. Pepper Spray

A very good option you can always have whether you are all alone on a lonely road or live alone in your home is keeping a pepper spray with you. Pepper spray can be helpful when you can use it within a fraction of a minute. If you are taking time to pull out the spray out of your purse, it could get dangerous for you. At this try other defense moves.


  1. Get Loud

It’s a good option when escaping from the situation seems to be difficult. It indicates the sign of help and if people are present around you, they may come for your rescue. It may also indicate to the attacker that you are not at all an easy person to attack. Just a small moment of you might help you get out of the situation.

  1. Push Back

As soon as you shout out loud for seeking help, until someone arrive to help you get out of the situation, push the attacker back with some force. He might be busy checking for people coming to your rescue when you shout for help. Take the advantage of this situation and push them back and escape from that place.


  1. Attack the Most Effective Body Parts

4 out of 5 situations involve men as the attackers. You should know the most effective parts of men to attack so that you could take advantage and run away from them. Depending on the position of the attacker, decide where to hit them. Talking about the upper part of the body, eyes, nose and throat are the parts where you can hit them and take advantage. These are the most sensitive areas and can have huge effect when hit with some force. Coming to the lower part, you can hit the knees, heels or groin of the men.