Beer Olympics 2017: An Amazing Challenge To Your Boozing Abilities

beer olympics

Drinking pints after pints of beer is a tremendous talent. But did anybody ever acknowledged you for this skill of yours? Maybe just a handful of your pals. But you do have a chance to prove your guts. Pune is going to host the Beer Olympics for the tankers in the town.

People who have an enormous love for beer and yet can afford time and money for their pints can be a celebrity in no time. May 20 calls you to chug it all and win the Beer Olympics at 1st Brewhouse, Corinthians, Pune. The battle begins at 11 am.

Beer Olympics 2017 has the Doolally and Brewcrafts as its shared hosts. The hosts consider drinking a lot of beer in a single sitting not less than an athlete’s pursuits. They want to award the champions of the sport and hence the Beer Olympics. Ther would be many beer games and the biggest award that one can earn is The Golden Mug.

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Doolally’s Brand Manager, Tresha Guha when asked about the inspiration behind the event seemed a beer-wise person. She thinks that it’s a sort of real life athletism that stays unacknowledged. She thinks it’s time that we celebrate the talent. Tresha also assures about the quality of the beer. It would be a light bodied beer for easy drinking. Doolally’s German brewmaster handcrafted the pale ale from imported Germans malts.

What’s needed for a candidature? An entry fee of ₹2,000, a team of four members, and a huge beer gulping capacity would be enough. Nothing more and nothing less is needed. Each candidate gets a Beer Olympic Kit, a snack box, two litres of beer, and five games.

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Seventy percent of the team is from Mumbai and a team from the US called ‘The Locals’ is also coming down. Doolally is also running a special bus for contenders from Mumbai charging ₹800 per head for the round trip.

Get ready to shine with your beer talents. The Beer Olympics 2017 would put your mental, verbal, physical skills when drunk. Have you got what it takes to win? Check for yourself.