Celebrate Life

“Enjoy life today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come”.

We spend half of our life complaining about the things we do not have. In this time we forget to appreciate the things we have. We forget to feel our life because we only live it. Before life takes away your life from you celebrate every event of your life.

  1. Mend Relationships

You might have lost touch with many of your close ones. Try to mend your relationship with them because every person holds a special place in our life and no one else can fill their place. You will love to have the old ones back in your life.

Children holding hands

  1. Go on for a Professional Photo shoot

What could be better than capturing the best moments of your life in pictures. Though you may not relive those moments but you could definitely recollect the memories of those moments. And when it comes to taking pictures spend a little and go for professional photos shoot because a task is best done by the best person in it.

  1. Donate Something

Money isn’t always a thing to donate. Sometime you don’t know what your time could matter to someone. Take out some time to spend with the children at orphanage and playing with them. Or going to an old age home and looking after the people there.

  1. Don’t Just Live but Feel Everyday

Life is not always perfect but it’s always what you make it. So make it count and make it memorable and never let anyone steal your happiness. For life should not only be lived, it should be felt, deep through the heart.


  1. Make at least 2 People Laugh Everyday

Bringing a smile on someone’s face is the best deed one can do. It can change the world, though not yours but theirs for sure. And life is all about living for others.


  1. Note Down What New Thing You Learn Everyday

Celebrating life doesn’t mean partying all the time and having fun. It means appreciating the things life has taught you. When you pay attention the new things you learn every day you realize that you never lose, either you win or you learn.

  1. Relive Your Childhood

There are things about your childhood you hold onto, because they were so much a part of you. The places you went, the people you knew. When you go back to an old place you find it wasn’t the place you missed but your childhood. So relive your childhood for ones because you are never going to get it back.


  1. Dress Up as You Want to

You are not born to please everyone on this Earth. Don’t go on to dress up what people want you to. Dress up as you want. Dress up what you feel comfortable with.

  1. Play with the Pets around You

Animals are always the best friends of humans. They never complain, they never demand. They just love you unconditionally. Take out some time to pamper your pets and look after them.

  1. Do What You Love

Do what you love and you will get the way to let the world follow you. This is what life is all about.