Democrats Vs Republicans

Democrats and Republicans are two political parties residing in the political landscape of United States of America. Both these parties differ in their opinions, beliefs, motives and positions. The Democratic National Committee was officially created in 1848. The democrats were earlier referred as Jefferson’s Republicans back at the time of Thomas Jefferson. The symbol of this party is a “donkey”, this is because Andrew Jackson who believed ‘let the people rule’ was publicly named as “jackass”.

Republicans established their party just prior to the Civil War. They were a small party at the beginning and nominated John C. Freemont to be their President in 1856. Their party emerged to be a strong party when the member of their party Abraham Lincoln was elected as President of the US. The symbol of this party is an elephant.

Elephant republicans and Donkey Democrats

Both the parties have different beliefs and they differ in the opinions regarding various issues of the country.

  1. Social Issues

The beliefs of these parties regarding the social issues show the depth of their thoughts. The republicans stand to be conservative and oppose the social issue of gay marriage. They believe that gay marriage should not be legalized and a marriage should happen only between a man and a woman. Democrats on the other side are progressive their thoughts and support gay marriage. They support the legalization of gay marriage.

  1. Foreign Policy

The issue of foreign policy states the main difference between the democrats and the republicans. Both the parties differ in the choice when it comes to of their country for foreign policy. For instance say military involvement may be required, democrats favor more targeted strikes and limited use of manpower whereas republican goes on a full opposite way favoring the increased manpower support.

  1. Healthcare Policy

The two parties differ in their opinions in the issue of healthcare policy as well. Talking about the government regulation of health care system, democrats believe that is should be accessible by everyone in the country whereas republicans believe too much use of government healthcare system will result in increase in price and will create a negative impact on the quality people receive currently.

  1. Education

Since both the parties differ in every way from their opinions to their beliefs regarding various issues of the nation, both the parties believe there need some changes in the education system. But the changes both the parties want still differ in choice. Democrats want to implement the Common Core System whereas republicans want long hours and more focused programs.

  1. Labor and Free Trade

Both the parties support different ideas for the betterment of the nation. Democrats support increase in the minimum wages so that all the people of the country could buy everything they need whereas republicans believe not to increase the minimum wages and show the need of keeping the cost low so that people can have access to all the products they want.

Since both the parties differ in from each other in every perspective, but the motto of both the parties is same, that is they want their nation to grow and be prosperous.