Drink alcohol and bring the artist out of you

Drink Alcohol And Bring The Artist Out Of You - MashupCorner

I hope every one of you have seen the movie series called the Pirates of the Caribbean. If not, then one must definitely see them. For those who have seen, I’d like to draw their attention to the fact of the enormous creativity of the main protagonist Captain Jack Sparrow. Whatever might’ve been the situation, he neither ran out of wit, nor out of schemes. But have you wondered, what was the real factor behind the intellectual nature of the Captain? Well! Let me guess. It was because of the alcohol rum.
Now I am not here to popularize the movie franchise. It’s already too much popular without my help. Instead, I’m here to explain how alcohol stimulates the creativity inside you. How alcohol helps to bring out the intellectual nature in you.
According to Earnest Hemmingway, whiskey was the drink that powered him. It’s not just Earnest Hemmingway who took booze; even famous authors like Edgar Allan Poe, David Foster Wallace and Truman Capote were heavy drinkers. And we all know that authors need to possess the maximum creativity.
Now the question that comes to our mind is what is creativity?
The brain is the controlling unit of the human physiology. According to neurologists, the left half of the brain is responsible for the practical, logical and organized thoughts. It is the right part of the brain which takes part in the creativity of the human. Primarily creativity depends on what the human wants to create. Once the person has made up the mind, three different parts of the brain work together to get the job done. The three parts are named as EAN- Executive Attention Network, IN- Imagination Network and SN- Salience Network. When a problem needs solution, the EAN comes into play. It works as the bridging element, helping to convey messages and interacting with the outer world. The IN helps to analyze the problem and start working on the problem, determining the possible consequences and deciding the actions. While the EAN and IN is in play, the SN controls the movements and other such features.
Now researchers and professors from the famous Neurosurgery Section of the University of New Mexico claim that if activation of EAN is somehow reduced, the energy can be transferred to IN and SN, thereby increasing the person’s thinking capability which in turn increases the creativity. And now boozes comes in act
How does the alcohol work?
Alcohol deteriorates the brains working memory and slows down the executive process which results in isolating us from the rest of the world and concentrating on the work at hand. In 2012 researchers from university of Illinois proved how happily drunken people turn out to be much more creative than people who are not drunk. Multiple tests and researches prove the fact that people are able to solve a problem in a more efficient and better way when they are drunk. Tests have also shown that people with alcohol content more than 0.07% in their blood are nearly 40% more efficient while solving problems than people with less alcohol content.
With science and facts backing up, there is enough reason to take in limited quantity of alcohol on daily basis. So buckle up and start filling up your cellars.

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