Easy Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Christmas Crafts Ideas

Christmas is not too far and you and your kids might be excited for preparing home decors for the Christmas party. Here we bring you some easy and beautiful Christmas craft ideas for your kids which they would love to do for the Christmas party this year:

  1. Christmas Tree

Beautiful Christmas trees can be made from various materials like straws, craft papers, paper plates, paper cups, sticks and paper tubes.

  • Using Straw

One of the ways for making a beautiful Christmas tree is by using straws. Get straws of beautiful designs and attach them using a thread. You can decorate the tree the way you want.

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  • Using Paper Plates

Cut the large size paper plate in the decreasing order. Make three to four parts of the plate. Attach them for a bottom to top in the decreasing order with the help of ice cream stick. You can color your tree as you want.


  1. Snow Man

The cute little snowman is the main attraction of the Christmas party. Make attractive snowmen from these ideas:

  • Using Paper Plates

Take a medium size paper plate and attach a small size paper plate on the top of it. Draw the eyes and nose of the snowman. Draw the hands of the snowman on separate paper and attach it to the medium size paper plate. Your snowman is ready.

  • Using Paper Cups

Take a white or color paper cup and draw the face of a snowman on it. You can stick colorful ribbons around it to make it more decorative. You can also use a white cup and color it accordingly.

  1. Santa Claus

Christmas is always incomplete without a Santa Claus. So go on with these ideas and make creative Santa Claus:

  • Using Socks

A beautiful and cute little Santa Claus can be made using socks. You can choose colorful socks or simply go with red and white colored socks. Stick a Santa Claus sticker on it. Use other materials to decorate it.

  • Using Craft Papers

Take a white craft paper and draw the face of Santa and his hat. Cut the paper accordingly. Color the hat with red. Add cotton balls to make Santa’s beard. Your Santa is ready.

  1. Christmas Ornaments

A Christmas tree always requires ornaments with it. So make some beautiful ornaments for your Christmas tree.

  • Christmas Bells

Take a paper cup. Make it decorative by coloring it with beautiful colors and add decorative material on it. Tie a ribbon on its top and hang it on your Christmas tree.

  • Santa Claus Hats

The cutest ornament in the Christmas party is Santa Claus Hats. You can either buy a readymade Santa hat or make it by yourself using craft papers. Stick the hat on your hair band. Your Santa hat is ready.


So get up and put your kids on work. Make the best Christmas crafts for your Christmas party and make your home more decorative this Christmas

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