Fashion Hack: 10 ways to Style your kurti for occasions

Style your kurti. Fashion hacks for women

In today’s modern world, fashion is all about the fusion of two styles to bring out something unique. One doesn’t want to be wearing a similar style of other. Hence the saviour for all occasions is the Kurti.Wouldn’t you like to style your kurti in a way it is comfortable yet fashionable? With more girls opting for Indo-western wear, Kurtis can be categorised under ethnic or western wear. You can go all chic and stylish yet add the elegance to your attire. And save a lot of money, it’s like recycling your dresses in a cool way.

Following are few ways you can style your kurti in different styles for different occasions:


Kurtis with leggings.

style your Kurti with Leggings

This trend is quite happening among all age group right from college goers to professionals to the homemaker. It has become quite a hit as leggings are more comfortable than jeans and has a broad range of colours available. So, you can pair up a different type of kurtis for the same legging ‘n’ number of times. For daily wear, cotton kurtis with leggings are ready to go. They are simple yet their best. There you go GO style your Kurti with a comfortable legging and get going.

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Kurtis with palazzos.

Kurtis with palazzos

Another novel way to present your kurtis is to pair it up with palazzos. This trend is pretty famous as many Bollywood actresses have been sporting it. You have a wedding to attend after work and no time to get all decked up after work. Kurti with palazzos is a saviour as it is chic and elegant.

Kurti with jeans or jeggings.

Kurti with jeans or jeggings

That’s how jeans entered the ethnic wear segment and became a trend. Team your kurtis with blue jeans as casual wear or to a movie or for lunch with your friend. A white kurti with torn jeans and sunglasses can make a style statement. People on the heavier side can ditch their t-shirt and pair jeans up with a kurti. Jeggings are an alternative for leggings. Individuals who aren’t comfortable with either jeans or leggings can go for the combination of both which is Jeggings.

Kurti with Patiala.

Kurti with Patiala.

Patiala is my favourite because of the comfort level. This combination is an age-old tradition of wearing kurtis in our country. Plain, printed, transparent are different types of Patiala are available in the market. The advantage is you can team a short or long kurti along with Patiala.

Kurti with skirts.

Kurti with skirts.

Another new way to team up your kurti is combining it with a skirt. You can wear straight cut kurtis, it will enhance the flares of the skirt and will make you look taller than you are. A different way to make a statement in a party. You can opt for printed skirt for a plain kurti or find a similar print on your skirt as your kurti. This trend is an alternative for palazzo pants.

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Kurti with dhoti pants.

Kurti with dhoti pants.

Dhoti pants are the new fashion statement. You can pair your regular kurtis with the colourful and chirpy dhoti pants rather than plain black or white pants. Kurtis with symmetrical or asymmetrical cuts goes well with dhoti pants. Try to pair it up with the same colour as your kurti rather than printed ones as it defines the cuts well. For a party to add a chic factor pair your kurti with a matching printed waistcoat.

Kurti with capris.

Kurti with capris.

Another novel way of wearing kurti is with capris. It’s ethnic and has elements of western style as well. This trend started in Pakistan. Celebrities in the border gave the usual ethnic wear a twist. An ideal way to wear the capris is with short kurtis.

Style your Kurti with trousers.

Kurti with trousers.

Off to work for a meeting, kurti with pants work well giving a formal look.Kurti’s have not become an official part of formal attire, and it is pretty decent and comfortable both at the same time. Again it’s better for short kurtis than long.

Kurti sharara pants.

Kurti sharara pants.

Sharara Pants are similar to palazzo pants; Sharara is flowier from the knee compared to palazzos. For a wedding, kurti with sharara pants works well.

Turn your kurti into a dress.

Turn your kurti into a dress.

The best part about kurti is that you can transform it into a dress. But you need to pick the right one which defines the waistline and team it up with right kind of footwear and accessories. You can wear a belt to define your waistline. Save your money by giving a makeover to your kurtis instead of buying expensive dresses in the market.

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These are few ways to wear your kurtis. The best part about kurtis is, it goes well for any occasion so add the oomph factor to it by trying different printed waistcoats and teaming up with stoles. If your kurti is plain, then team up big sized accessories or drape a scarf, Layer it with a vest. With so many options, you can wear same kurti in different ways by giving a vision of new style every day.

Style Your kurti with a twist

Fashion with Hurti

Share your ways to use Kurti in a comfortable fashion attire

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