Design that Sells: Importance of design for your product

How good design is importance

There are number factors behind the success yielding capacities of any single entity or test. Be it a football game, a business venture or even a boy’s proposal to a girl; every single test or opportunity’s positivity depends on variable factors. And, when we are talking about a product’s failure or success, many elements together conspire to make most out of an innovation or a creation.

One of the main factors, when it comes to product making, is aspect of product designing. A product has to be designed in the best possible way so that it can easily attract the customers and the users. Not only aesthetical looks-wise, a product even has to be designed, and subsequently made, as per the user’s required comfort needs.

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There are many reasons why the designing department always has to pull their sock up, any time and every time a product is made or manufactured. Apart from the aesthetical reasons, they always have to come up with radical offerings, so that their products are sold like hot cup cakes.

So, to further understand why proper designing is vital for any product, let us take a look at the top reasons first.

Reason 1: Great design revolution is always a plus point

A good design is offered by many. But, a great design means it can facilitate various types of elements in a product. For example, a brilliantly designed product can have top notch ergonomics, functionality, durability, practicality and of course efficiency. Designing is not always about good looks, as it is also about what it can actually offer to the users.

A design is not about what people can see, it is rather about what people can feel with it.

Reason 2: A good design can sell better

In terms of marketing strategy, a good product with a good design will always has much brighter chance to sell, than a product that lacks the morals of designing. Aesthetical looks are always preferred by users, even if they are buying a one dollar product.

This is why it becomes a notion—actually a decree of sorts—to always make a product which has an awesome design. What looks great, sells even better; the marketing world works this way. The novelty factor also plays a vital role in it.


Reason 3: a good design means it’s immaculate

As soon as a customer searches for a product, he or she first looks for precision in it. It does not matter whether they are buying a hair pin or an aeroplane; top quality is must. And, if a manufacturing unit cannot produce a product with an immaculate and flawless design, the chances of getting high sale numbers diminishes.

A good design means the company has put its blood and effort on the product. Or at least, that is what the customer perceives from it.


Reason 4: Good design can promote results

This is true for every single product on the shelf today. A good design means that the product can easily do its job in the most effective and efficient way, whilst taking less time than its competitors. A product has to perform the way it is designed to do so.


Reason 5: Good design is equal to saving money

A good design of product ultimately leads to savings. It can easily save fuel, raw material, man power or any other input thanks to its much more prolific efficiency numbers. A great example of this is a car’s engine. If it’s designed correctly, it can ultimately save weight and fuel consumption.

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