Be Kind and Gentle: Nelson Mandela

Couple years back, we lost one of the greatest leaders of the modern era. He was not only the patron for peace and equality around South Africa, but was also famous for championing the same cause throughout the world.

Nelson Mandela, all his life, preached only one thing; equality and freedom for all races, religions and classes of the society. He, as a prisoner, as a president, as a human being and as a friend to all, taught everyone how to live a peaceful and a glorious life, equally.

Even though he has left us, we can still practice and preach the lessons he bestowed upon us whilst he was alive. In fact, one of the best ways to pay respect, to this great man will always be by the virtue of learning and understanding all the lessons that he ever taught to the world. So, today let us take a look at the lessons which our beloved Madiba

showed and taught us during his tenure of being the leader of equals and the world.

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Resilience and the never give up attitude:

He spent, 27, yes that’s right, twenty-seven, years in Prison. He was very vocal against the apartheid regime of South Africa, and he paid 27 years of his life as a prize for it.

Of course, he never said “Stop It” or “I Quit”. He just kept counting the days, and protested from inside paradoxes of the jail premises. He could have given up, but he did not, and that’s why when he was released, he was voted as the first democratically elected president of South Africa.

The moral of it this is: it’s always darkest before the dawn. Hence, like Madiba we must never give up during our lowly times in life.

His ability to see the voice of the nation:

Well, we can put this analogy into various other modes of our life. If we just take a step back and think about all the feedbacks (for any work) that we rejected then we’ll see what mistakes we might have made. It is very important to look at the things from all angles and think about the larger picture. Madiba did that pretty well, and even we should exercise this option.

Everyone is equal and everyone can have equal opportunities

Mandela always preached equality, and even we should considered doing it too if we want to progress further with mankind. It is understood that divided we fall and united we stand, but these days the world has come to ‘Living together and Dying alone’.

Hence, we must, in our personal lives, make sure that we are doing everything we can to make everyone and everything equal, we must not tolerate the things that are against the ethics of this natural world.

Education and knowledge is worth it

Mandela said he read books when he was imprisoned, and that gave him even more strength. Even we should exercise the same notion in our daily lives. If we learn continuously, nothing can stop us.

Be Kind and gentle

If you believe wars and fights can take you to the top, then you are actually wrong. Of course, mutiny can be beneficial but it is also an inhuman practice. But, if you are kind and gentle, then people will love you and care about you. Mandela taught this lesson to every single person on earth, and he expected everyone to follow it.

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Love is the best thing ever:

Madiba has taught us one single thing: Love can prevail, no matter what. If you can adopt love and kindnesses inside of you, then you can win several wars and overcome various issues. Love, even though it’s intangible in nature, can touch various aspects of our lives, and ultimately make the world a better place to live in.

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