Must Watch TV Series for Entrepreneurs

Some TV series are for teenagers, some for girls, some for old age people while some are TV series for entrepreneurs. Designed in a way to inspire and motivate the upcoming startups and budding entrepreneurs.

There is so much that we learn from TV serials this, of course, includes a lot of unworthy useless and sometimes things that we actually shouldn’t inculcate in our life ever. As a Startup we tend to learn from anything and everything around us so why not TV series.

Here is a list of Must Watch TV series for entrepreneurs which will help learn some golden lessons to nurture your business

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The Profit

An entirely different concept and a different idea revolve around this show. The show stars Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis. The star invests funds of around $ 2 million into the struggling companies in exchange for a percentage of business’s profit. This is a must watch reality show for young entrepreneurs telecasted on CNBC.

How I Made My Millions

‘How I Made My Millions’ the name itself suggests its meaning. It shows how ordinary people turned extraordinary through just simple ideas. If you are planning to start a new business, then this show is for you. People in this show state how they got the plan for their business, what they were before their business, what they planned, what they did for their business and what they have become after it. You will get a complete encouragement package through this show.

Undercover Boss

Undercover Boss can be perfectly explained as a boss turning to a detective. The senior executives work undercover in their own companies to have a check on the work of their employees and their production. They examine what they need to implant newly in their business, what they need to cut down and what they need to change. This is a great show for a startup as well as well-established business people.

Million Dollar Listing

The show stars three real estate agents- Fredrik Eklund, Ryan Serhant, and Luis D. Ortiz. They represent themselves as property sellers in five boroughs of New York City. They teach you how to confer with others to sell your properties and make a good profit.

Bar Rescue

Bar Rescue is a reality-based business show. Particularly it is an American show. The show revolves two main stars in it; the first one is a night club owner starring John Taffer, who owns around 6000 bars and the other one is people struggling with their business.

People when need help in their business have to submit their application via the Spike TV website to get their business rescued by Taffer and his mates. The applicants are given chances to get back their business to the track.

Dragon’s Den

A series telecasted on BBC is produced in a number of countries. It allows entrepreneurs to present their business ideas in just three minutes to the panel of five wealthy investors. These investors are together named as the “Dragons”. Ones the entrepreneurs complete stating their business ideas, the investors state their decision in 3 ways: they invest the same amount as requested, or some more amount or completely refuse the idea.


Know any incredible TV Series for Entrepreneurs?

Feel free to share in comments; we would love to add it to the list with your credits.
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