pair red lipstick like a boss

Red lipstick is one of the necessities when it comes to your vanity kit. Even if you keep everything basic this magical lipstick can turn you into an ultra glamour chic in just few minutes. However, needless to say, red lipstick can make your entire attire look super flop if you pair it with wrong things. So what is the correct way of pairing your red lipstick?

  1. Basic shorts and tee –

    If you are keen on keeping your outfit as casual as you can and yet wish to make yourself look glamorous without adding much accessories or make up to it then, all that you need is your red lipstick! Pair it with your normal denim and a plain white or black tee shirt and rock your look like a model.

pair red lipstick


  1. Printed skirt and plane top –

    If you are planning a dinner date then certainly this will go well with your red lipstick. Take a skirt that is printed along with a plane top. This will not only balance your look along with your red lipstick but it will also let you look fabulously elegant and super stylish.

pair red lipstick with Printed-skirt-and-plane-top


  1. Pairing with maxi dress, gown or skirt

    – If your choice of outfit is an elegant maxi dress or a skirt then again, a complementary red lipstick would just add another point to your style quotient. This combination will go well especially if your dress is cool coloured such as purple, green, blue and so on. Red lipstick would look perfect even if your maxi dress or skirt were silver, black, or golden in colour.

Pairing red lipstick with maxi dress gown or skirt

  1. Formal attire –

    If you have a notion that red lipstick is too dressy then you need to think twice! Red lipsticks if paired properly can be one of the most classic thing. If you are getting ready for a meeting in formals, then pairing it with red lipstick can help you in attaining a few ounces of confidence. Red lipstick on a blazer makes you look classic and edgy.

pair red lipstick with formal atire

  1. Traditional attire –

    When there is a need to feel vibrant, your red lipstick definitely comes handy. Be it a saree or your anarkali dress, pucker your lips with red lipstick adding an inch of style to your outfit. Most of the traditional attires smoothly get blend with red lipsticks.

red lipstick with traditional atire

  1. Little black/white dress –

    This “must have” of our wardrobe must get to another level through our red lipstick. No matter how simple your little black/white dress is, it can always look amazingly special when complimented with red lipsticks.

red lipstick with white top

Almost everything suits well and classy with red lipstick when blend keeping colours and design of the cloth in mind.


Got something to add to the story ? Feel free to share your red lipstick atire in comments.

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