Reasons why you should never have kids, like ever

Reasons why you should never have kids - MashupCorner

Have kids they said, it would be fun they said! How about this: you wanted me to have kids, I did that and I don’t like them. It was your idea in the first place. I will be round at 8pm. They can live with you seeing as this is all your fault.

Yeah, kids and especially babies are not all sunshine and rainbows. Apart from being sh*t machines and making you rip your hair out, they make it their priority to wreck your house every minute they get. Here’s ten reasons – well pictures – what will change any of you broody women out there. (husbands, send this post to your wife if you want to put her off wanting a baby)


Hey! If you don’t have a nice butt then don’t have a child, because this will what will happen when you would be spending those precious hard earned cash on these nuisances.

what the heck child creates - mashupcornerBECAUSE THEY WASTE TOILET PAPER

Take it this way, every alternate day you have to go the store to buy toilet paper. The owner has now started to give you wierd looks, he thinks you do something illegal with the toilet paper or he thinks you poop a lot. He does not think about the child though, because those devils have cute faces.

what the heck child creates - mashupcornerWHITE WALKERS

They are the real white walkers we have to face in our life. They plan to convert us into zombies like them by spilling white paints all over.

never-have-kids-3what the heck child creates - mashupcorner


Remember the days, when you and your lover together had naughty fun painting these walls, the sweet peach and the calm sky blue. How the f**k can you allow your little nasty beings paint them black.

never-have-kids-4what the heck child creates - mashupcornerYOU DON’T HAVE SOFAS

Oh so you think you had sofas in your house, no better, you thought you had friends inspired comfortable sofas which were waiting for your ass all day and a bottle of chilled beer down your throat. Caution: have children and they would kill the sofas and their springs would be out in no minute.

what the heck child creates - mashupcorner

These little bastards, they pretend to be innocent. Pretend to be PICASSO or how do we know maybe MOZART. And then make cute faces so their parents forget the loss and instead take selfies with their cute and stupid babies.

what the heck child creates - mashupcorner

Well yea. Anything that is powdery, be it flour or talcum; keep it away from their reach or they will see to it that it is not in their poly-bags but lying on the floor dead.

what the heck child creates - mashupcorner


The only time when i thought children were cute, i thought children were tibetians. But no they are devils.
what the heck child creates - mashupcorner

Had you ever brought some expensive cognac for your collection? Or had plans of drinking some good scotch tonight? Well cancel. Because you also brought children.
what the heck child creates - mashupcorner

Not saying anything.
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