Secret of running a successful relationship

Many of us are in a relationship for quite some time. But as time passes, it starts to seem everything isn’t the same as before. The relationship starts to lose its colour. The couple, who were unable to stay a minute away from each other at the beginning, barely speaks to each other after a time. As time passes, the relationship seems to be more of a formality than affection. It’s not that the couples have lost the love or attraction towards each other; it is just that everything seems so stereotype. All the couples have the same care or love for each other, but they start to lose the charm of the relationship. When the relationship has lasted for some time, the couples should take care and try to do some things other than loving each other to keep the relationship going.
Just like a child, a relationship also needs care and nurturing from two adults for the relationship to survive during the hard times. Here a few points that most couple should pay attention to maintain the relationship.
1. The desire to work through when a difficulty or disagreement arises- Every person has his own perceptions about things. Similar is the case with couples. In the beginning they compromised for each other’s happiness, but with passing time, the flexibility of their mentality fades away. As a result conflicts arise. It is the duty of the couples to find a way to walk through these hardships.
2. Kind and honest interaction- When in a relationship the mutual attraction and affection starts to fade, the couples need to communicate honestly and in a kind manner. In this way the affection might be restored and the couples start to feel that they have someone close to them.
3. Sense of humour to spice things up- With the passing of time and daily schedule, the couples needs to have sense of humour and crack practical jokes while having light discussions. This will help the couples to rekindle the lost charm in their relationship.
4. Sharing everyday story- Couples should try to share their day-to-day experience with each other. This helps to bring mutual closeness and affection.
5. Intimacy- A slight intimacy after the whole day’s work will help to bring the lost love in the relationship. This intimacy can be brought by slight touching of hands, or snuggling into each other’s arms or even a slight kiss on the forehead.
6. Emotional support- the couples should provide an emotional support to each other. This will help to increase the closeness of the relationship
7. Sharing of dreams and goals- when a relationship is dying and withering, the partners can share each other’s dreams. This will help them to find the lost affection in the relationship.
8. Compassion and forgiveness- With days passing by and the relationship dying, the couples should deal with each other with compassion so that the partner knows that he/she has someone who cares.
9. Admitting the mistakes and flaws- The couples should admit their flaws and mistakes to one another. This will help them to open up and gain the trust which in turn helps to build up the affection.

So I hope these suggestions will help you gain the lost love in a relationship. When everything may actually be adrift and apart and you lose hope over the relationship, try to follow the points, hope you’d find your lost affection

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