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Style and fashion are one of the few elements that a person revolves around. It is seen that there is a set of people who love to stylise themselves however, they do mess up with the combinations provided.

Here, we are going to tell you how you can ideally dress up for an occasion but again, you are definitely free to experiment on your own once you get to know the styling tips basics!


    – Dinner dates are always romantic particularly because of the time. This time is suitable to wear your gown or a short dress. You can keep it simple if you wish or add some accessories like a heavy necklace that would go with your dress as well. Do not forget to apply red lipstick as per your skin tone because red ideally makes you look sensuous, elegant and more like a diva. The ideal colours for a dress are black and white, however, nobody would stop you from picking up your favourite colour.

styling tips for ocassion dinner date

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    – These are the occasions when you ideally meet your friends on lunch or during the sunset. However, irrespective of what time you meet the best dress up would be to pull out your denim and a casual tee shirt or top. You can accessories it with a cool bag, keeping the makeup minimalistic but on point. You can go with colours that pop up bright such as orange or pink. The idea behind this dress up is to look casual, relaxed yet pumped up with style. In order to add another styling element, you can add scarf, shades or jacket to your overall look.

styling tips for occasion brunch with firends



    – Be it meeting with clients or any equivalent semi-formal event te key to dressing up here is neither to reveal too much nor to do too less. While formal wears are definitely, good to go and a safe bet yet a little bit of styling will not do much harm. You can wear a pencil skirt paired with a formal shirt and complement it with a stylised metallic necklace. Using a neon necklace would not look over the top either. You can add up a blazer or keep it simple and feminine with a lacy shirt as well.

styling tips client meetings



    – This is peculiar yet an integral aspect of corporate life. Formal parties are general, where you take out an elegant gown or go with a saree on a safer side. Here most probably dresses are not welcomed yet again, you are free to choose what you wish to wear. Gowns that are neither to shining nor too simple are worn particularly.


styling tips formal parties

The key to dressing up on any given event is to keep in mind three things – one is the type of your body, your complexion, and the event that you are going. Once you learn to judge this like a pro, dress up is not a big deal to you anymore.

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