The Art of Persuasion

Let us first come with the clear idea of what persuasion actually means? Persuasion is the intention of changing someone’s mind or convincing them for a certain point according to your views. Persuasion simply influences one’s opinion or belief. It tries to convince people according to your point of view. But persuasion is also an art which we must learn for we might need it at some point in our life. Be it in the corporate section, entertainment world or just your personal life, you will need to convince someone somewhere in your life.

Here are the methods which will help you instil the art of persuasion in yourself:

  1. Communication

Let your communication be so clear that it could be understood by both, a teenager and an adult. For you will be able to convince people according to your point of view if you can explain them clearly. There is nothing more powerful than the words you speak. If you are impacting someone for something down to its core, they will get influenced by your words itself.


  1. Reciprocity

Reciprocity is the main method through which you can master the art of persuasion. When we do something for someone, it is the natural tendency of a human being to repay the favour we had once done for them. Try making little gestures to people around you, for someday in life you might need to convince someone among them. You can thus ask them to do things for you, and they will happily do a little more of it because they owe it to you.

  1. Compliment Works

Who doesn’t love compliments? Compliments set a good feeling in someone’s heart for us. Compliment people for the things they aren’t usually complimented for. They will be influenced by your thought and will be positively affected. You can then persuade them since they trust your words and feel good for you.

  1. Be True

We rarely get convinced by the truth. But most of the time, truth stands out to be the most powerful tool for convincing others because nobody today is willing to tell us the truth about ourselves and they try to comfort us with the lies. Truth can be the effective tool for persuasion.

  1. Keep Persistency

Most of the times you fail to persuade people because you let go off of the things if they are not working or not in your favour. It is the universal law of attraction that keep asking for what you want; someday you will definitely get it. Keep trying to influence people and one day they’ll surely get convinced with your words.

  1. Be Confident

If you are not confident about your own ideas, your own point of views, your own words then how come you will persuade others? Be confident and stiff for what you think about a certain topic and then try to convince others, the results after that will be great.