10 apps that are a must for the bloggers

must have useful apps for bloggers

Makes your blogging more productive and easy..

Blogging is an art which is easier said than done. A blogger leaves no stone unturned when he or she has to produce and curate top quality content, albeit with the help of some regular tools and apps.
Being a blogger there are 10 applications that seem to be unavoidable. Following are the 10 apps that seem to be a part and parcel of the bloggers.


textexpander app 10 must have app for bloggers

Textexpander is sort of a lifesaver for the bloggers. There is probably not a single app that is more useful than the textexpander. If a blogger finds something to write repeatedly such as emails, cover letters and different other materials, the textexpander help to a save a solid chunk of time. With the setting up of shortcuts for everything that is written the textexpander helps set shortcuts for everything that is to be written.
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Despite bearing a fearful name, the Anxiety app controls the to-do list. It follows a simple to-do checklist system that the bloggers use in order to Uni-Task to control ADHD. This app also has the facility of separating the various tasks into categories.
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Compfight 10 must have app for bloggers

The Compfight is a Flickr search tool that allows searching all the different creative commons on Flickr with a single keyword. Compfight is utilized to search the pictures that can be utilized in the motivational movies that are made. The comfight app is limited to just Mac users because it is just a Flickr search engine
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writeroom 10 must have apps for writers

This app helps to build the concentration of the writer. With this app running the writer will be able to give as much concentration as possible on the writing. This app shuts down all the different functions that are being carried out on the computer. This app only shows the writing in a full-screen mode.
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skype 10 must have apps for blogger

This app can be of great use to the bloggers. With the help of this app, the bloggers can integrate different video interviews on their blogs.
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In order to be a good blogger, a person needs to be a good reader as well. The NetNewsWire app helps to get news from the RSS feeds and also helps according to keywords.
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Adium 10 must have apps for bloggers

Adium is one of the essential apps for the bloggers. For being a good blogger, there is a great necessity for the blogger to be in contact with different people. The Adium app helps to connect to the different friends or people via different chat clients. The Adium app acts as a bundle package for the chat clients.
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Another app that helps in saving a lot of time is the quicksilver. This app can be said as the app finder. In order to find a certain app the blogger does not have to browse all the folders. All that the blogger has to do is type in the keywords and the applications will automatically come forward


The Xmind is an app that helps bloggers by allowing people to brainstorm on a certain topic. Opinions from different people are a necessity for successful bloggers.
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macjournal app to help bloggers

The Macjournal app can be described as an editing tool. This app helps to format and include images in a certain blog post.
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Have apps in mind that your use and can help fellow bloggers? Shootout in comments

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