10 Things you should know before visiting Paris

things you should know before visiting paris

Do and Dont’s of Visiting paris for the first time.

Paris also is known as the City of Lights, is an immensely beautiful city which has a rich culture. People who have never been to this amazing city and are planning to visit Paris anytime soon might be looking for a cheap airline ticket online. Maybe looking for hotel to enjoy the stay and a list of all the places you might want to visit suggested by your friends or you might have read about the place somewhere.
Our travel experts have always been keen on assisting the passionate tourists with some great tips, and they have been able to note down a few things every first-time visitor to Paris should know before they pack their bags.

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Paris takes Vacation in August

10 things your should before visiting paris. pariss takes vacation in August

People in Paris take a whole of August as vacation, yes one month off from work. So, when you plan to visit Paris in the month of August do not get surprised when you see a signboard hanging outside their door saying, “Closed until August.” Whereas people who have already been to this place were able to find a few outlets which are open even during the vacation month.

You need to know French

if you are visiting paris you must know french

No, it is not at all required that you should take French coaching before heading to Paris. Though being a European city, Parisians do speak a decent English, at least good enough that can be understood by a layman. However, to communicate locally, it is not a bad idea to learn a few French terms before making a conclusion that everyone out there speaks English. Usually, Parisians appreciate the efforts of those who at least try to learn their language, and will automatically start conversing with you in English to make you comfortable.

Compliment the French

Don't forget completing the french when you are visiting paris

People in French love to hear good things about them and their place. They like getting compliments for each and everything they do. Once you start praising, they will be going out of their way to serve and assist you in every possible way.

Greet Hello and Good Bye

Good Hello and Good Morning in French

In Paris giving and taking respect becomes vital because of the rich culture. Even though you are a tourist, you shall greet the staff while you enter the store or any restaurant. The term used is “Bonjour” which means hello. Once you welcome the staff while entering you can expect the same kind of response from them, and they will go out of their way to assist you and make you feel comfortable.

Master the local transport

Master the local transport when visiting paris

The local metro is remarkably easy to master and the cheapest mode of transportation. The metro is connected well to all the areas of the city, and one can reach quickly to the desired destination within no time. Tourists can buy tickets in bulk or go for a metro pass if the stay is for more than a week.

Beware of the train crime

things you should know before visiting paris

Once you have landed Paris you might want to take RER the cheapest transportation to your accommodation, however, we would not recommend you get on a train while you have visited the place for the first time. Tourists are a big target for pick pocketers and thief’s as they are tired and disoriented in a new city.
You can always consider going through the RER when you have kept your luggage to your hotel and wanted to check out the city.

Be prepared to pay expensive Taxi fees

be ready for expensive taxi fare in paris

Local Taxi is the most expensive mode of transportation in the city. Since metros are cheaper the taxi’s do not leave the opportunity to rob you with high taxi fares even for the shortest distance, especially during the night the metro stops after 1:00 am. So, plan your day in such a way that you can get back home before the metro stops or be ready to pay a hefty taxi fee; the choice is yours.

Do not hurry through a meal

Do not hurry through a meal

According to The French culture, one should have the meal peacefully and should not hurry. So, whenever you visit a restaurant or cafeteria do not rush and ask for a bill while you have your meal. Ideally one should finish the meal sit and relax for around 10 minutes Meanwhile the waiter clears up your table, and you can ask for the bill.

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Pack your bag with some trendy stuff

Pack your bag with some trendy stuff

Paris being the fashion capital challenges one to stay stylish. You would feel out of place if you are not well-dressed. This doesn’t mean that you must get dressed in designer wear and high heels and go around in the city. So, when you pack your bags for Paris, make sure it comprises of all trendy yet comfortable clothes.

Not all public restrooms are free

Not all public restrooms are free

While you are the best a tourist, you might feel the need of using a toilet after a tiring day staying out the whole day. Well for your information it is not easy to find a bathroom within the city, and all the toilets in Paris are not free. So, if you are asked to pay by the attendant do not get surprised. Another option is to use the restroom of a restaurant; however, they will not allow you unless you are dining in there.
Hope you will take these tips seriously for your memorable trip to Paris. So plan your trip in advance, or if you have made a last minute plan, www.alkamilbooking.com has fantastic deals available for tourists who wish to have a hassle free visit to their dream destination Paris.

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