11 amazing job interview tips

job interview tips

how to ensure best results in your interviews

We understand that in this competitive setup, job interviews can give you some real time nightmares. Most of us end up creating blunders in our job interviews all thanks to the pangs of nervousness that screw us like anything.

While it is up to you when it comes to dealing an interview and cracking it like a boss! We are here to hand over some quick tips that can allow you to handle your interview in cool.

  1. Be calm and positive

    – Scientists believe the power of visualisation, which means whatever and, however, you visualise things happen to you that way. Make sure that while you are in your preparation for the interview you visualise yourself positively. Keep the nervousness aside and calm yourself as much as you can. Keeping calm is essential no matter where you go.


  1. Be pro-active

    – It is a treat to watch a candidate who takes part in the discussions proactively. You need to be enthusiastic in your approach. Appearing dull will not take you anywhere because after all who wants to have an employee who is not enough active.



  1. Mannerism at priority

    – No matter how much hustle bustle are you facing deep inside, you need to appear absolutely prim and proper. Do not forget some basic etiquette like shaking the hand, greeting the recruiters morning, sitting straight, apologising if at all you are late and so on. Sometimes you are even judged upon the sense of mannerism that you behold.


  1. Do your researches

    – A well-informed candidate is not less than an asset to the company, which is exactly why you should keep yourself updated. A quick glance through the morning newspaper, a well read homework about the company you have applied into and some nook and corners of the post that you are aiming at will not do much harm. It will only add up to your brownie points.


  1. Honesty is the best policy

    – As a child you might have hammered yourself with this thought but this is certainly the time when this quote proves to be true. Understand that the recruiters sitting on the panel have “been there and done that” so, refrain yourself from bluffing anything to them. Dishonesty is a major turn off so if you are not aware of anything politely tell them about it but do not bluff around.


  1. Prepare some basic questions –

    You may not know which question comes to your encounter but a little bit of preparation will not consume much of your time. Often it happens that your mind blanks out especially when you are met with the questions like – “tell me about yourself” – “tell me about your future plans” and so on. Such open-ended questions can actually work in your favour if you input a little effort and prepare them in advance. You can always google the frequently asked questions with respect to the field that you are into.


  1. Dress the best –

    A lot can be judge upon through the dress that you wear, the colour combinations that you opt and style of shoes that you choose. The safest way of dressing in an interview is to opt for either formals or semi formals. When it comes to colours, keep the colours darker and subtle. Make sure that you shoes are polished, your shirt and trouser are ironed, and your hair is properly made. When you enter the room, your attire sets the very first perception about yourself hence, pay extra attention to it.

  1. Know when to talk and when to shut up –

    Everyone can talk well but only a few have the ability to figure out when to talk and when to listen. A proper balance of what to talk and when to talk is to be consciously made. You should not appear like a chatterbox at the same time you should appear free and confident in putting across your views and opinions. Learn the act of balancing it out.

  1. Strengths and weaknesses –

    We all are humans and it is quite natural to have some set of pros and cons as well. In an interview, you should be well versed with the strengths that you have acquired over the period of time. Make sure that you talk about them and back them up with several examples. When it comes to weakness, do not shy yourself away. In fact, you need to be open and acknowledge them. This will make your impression as natural and the progressive candidate who knows about himself or herself.


  1. Body language –

    A lot can be gauged through your expressions, gestures and body language which is why you need to tame them in a certain way. Your voice should neither be too soft or too loud, you should appear confident but not over confident. Make sure that you tell them about your willingness to learn more through your body language. Sitting with your hands folded is usually not a good sign, instead, you can keep your hands open on the desk.


  1. Talks about remuneration –

    Yeah! We all work for money and there are no two ways about it but there is always a certain way in which you can put your expectations. Instead of being blunt and quoting your expectations you can choose a midway and say that you expect a remuneration that abides by the industrial norms and seems fair with respect to the post and qualification.

Your basic aim in the job interview should be to present exactly what you are and tilt it a little with what the expectations of the companies are. You need to show them that how useful is your presence in their organisation. It is common to get nervous and anxious about job interviews especially if it is for the first time but keeping yourself calm and reminding yourself that you are the best of what you can be is an ultimate answer to everything.

Got a magic trick that works for you in job interviews? shoot it in the comment below.

Shweta Suvarna

Shweta Suvarna

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