11 Foods that help in burning fats

11 food that help in burning fat

Eat healthy stay fit. Burn fat with ease

You cannot simply lose your weight by only working out for a long time. Along with this, you have to watch your meals and follow a proper diet plan. With the tempting food all around you, it is difficult to hold on your craving for the yummy delicious food. But you can substitute the craving for yummy delicious food with tasty and healthy food. You can have these healthy foods in your diet which help to burn extra fats from your body:

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Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogart to burn fat

Ordinary dairy products are supposed to contain a high amount of sugar and fats and hence consuming these dairy products while you are watching your weight cost you a lot. The creamy layer in ordinary dairy products adds extra calories to your body. Greek yogurt is processed by decreaming the extra layer and excess water is also trained out from it. It is a protein rich food which helps you to burn fat faster.

Green Tea

Teatox- Get slimmer with a sip - MashupCorner

The best-recommended food to lose weight is green tea. It contains a high amount of antioxidants which detoxify your body and increase the fat burning process. Hence, it is the best food to go for when you want to shed those extra kilos.

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Masala Oats to burn fat

Oats constitute of high fibers, minerals, and antioxidants which are helpful to burn calories faster. You can have a bowl of oats in the morning which will replace the heavy breakfast you usually have at that time. Or you can have oats when you feel craved for extra food.

  1. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

We all are aware of the high fibrous content in apples and fibers are meant to burn fats and ultimately result in weight loss. Apple cider vinegar is rich in nutrients and burns fats faster when consumed a few minutes before your meal. The fibers in apple cider vinegar help for proper digestion and nutrients in it keep you fulfilled and minimize your food intake.

Orrage apple Cider vinegar to burn fat

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eat tomatoes to burn fat

Tomatoes are suggested to include in your diet chart at number 1 position. Being rich in fiber content, tomatoes increase your metabolism and also burn the extra fats in your body. The antioxidants in tomatoes detox your body and help you stay away from diseases.

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Egg Whites

egg white to burn fat

Eggs are rich in proteins and good for your health. Doctors also suggest to include eggs in your regular meals. The high protein content in egg whites burns fats faster and helps you stay fit. Where egg whites are supposed to burn fats, the egg yolks are considered having a lot of fibers and cholesterol. Though this is not yet proved, but you should stay on the safer side and cut out the yolks from your diet plan if you want to lose your weight faster.


This fruit is truly a treat to eat when you are on your way to weight loss. Some people might get confused with the sweet and tempting taste this fruit offers, but here is the good news for you that this fruit is a natural product and there is no loss in including this tempting food to your diet plan. Instead, it helps you to burn calories faster.

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  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a lot more than mere a spice to be to your food. Increasing the intake of cinnamon in your regular meals boost up your metabolism and make you feel energetic the whole long day. Feeling energetic the whole day helps you work out more which results in weight loss.

Cinnamon is a fat burning spice

  1. Fish

It is the ultimate non-vegetarian food which helps to burn extra fats from your body. Plus you can have a tasty food to your diet list which is rich in protein and also helps you stay fit and healthy.

fish is rich in protien and helps burn fat

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  1. Olive Oil

A wise decision you make when you are watching your weight is to replace your regular oil with olive oil. Olive oil is a good option to choose over other oils as it does not contain bad fats and cholesterol and also helps to lose weight faster.

Olive oil helps you burn your fat

  1. Bananas

The greatest misconception about bananas till date is that it contains a high amount of fats and hence increases fats content in the body which results in gaining extra weight. But get this misconception clear that bananas are rich in fibers and fibers ultimately help in burning fats from your body.

bananas are rich in fibre and helps in burning fat

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