Fitness hack: 11 simple Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

How to lose belly fat with simple exercise

Loose belly fat and tone your body for a perfect shape

Are you trying to fit in your old pair of jeans? Or that cute pretty slim fit dress has taken the corner place in your wardrobe? Well, this is every girl’s worst nightmare to gain belly fats as it brings an unpleasing change to their lifestyle. If you too are suffering from this nightmare and want to get rid of that stubborn belly fat then all you need to do is carry out some simple exercises followed with a proper diet. But do remember, only working out doesn’t help you lose that belly fat easily. You need to follow some diet plans which are best suitable with your daily chores. So here are some exercises you can do to lose belly fat faster:


swimming for loose belly fat

The most effective way to lose full body fat is through swimming. Swimming helps you lose belly fats and also tone your arms. Beside your daily exercise, you can go to swimming for twice a week to lose the belly fat faster. Swimming also helps to tone your thighs.

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jogging to loose belly fat

Jogging is a good form to stay fit and lose excess belly fat without getting much exhausted. Running makes you feel exhausted very easily within a short time and hence we would suggest you to cut down your speed and go for jogging. It is even better than weight lifting which can cause pain in your muscles if heavy weights are lifted. So put on your favourite music, get your earplugs and go on for jogging.

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crunches to loose belly fat

The best-proven way to burn belly fat at the fastest rate is through crunches. And the best thing about doing this is you need no equipment to do this. Also, there’s not much physicals strength involved for this exercise. You can carry out this work out anywhere according to your comfort. For beginner’s level, repeat crunches for 10-15 times and increase the set with time.

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Bicycle Crunches to loose belly fat

bicycle crunches to loose belly fat

Bicycle crunches is another effective way to lose belly fat easily. The steps you need to follow for bicycle exercise is lie down on the floor with your hands on the either side of your body. Lift your legs and bend them to your knees. Now put one of your legs out and pull the other one close to your chest. Repeat this cycle for 20-30 times.


Walking is the easiest exercise to shed the excess belly fat and get back into that perfect body shape. Well, here comes a fact with this too. Easiest exercise takes the largest time to show the perfect desired results. As we all know there is no gain without pain. And if you want to achieve big then you’ll have to work bigger for it. But walking is an option for those who cannot take out time for heavy work out.

The Stomach Vacuum

stomach vacuum to loose belly

Stomach Vacuum is a good exercise for those who are at beginner’s level looking for loosing belly fat. The only equipment you need for this exercise is a mat and you are all set to go. While you are at beginner’s level, repeat the exercise for 10-15 times and then increase the count as you go further.

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Side Crunches

As crunches are useful to lose belly fat easily so are side crunches. Side crunches help you lose fats from the area around your belly. It also helps to tone your arms. But work out this exercise at a faster speed. You need to be slow and steady as doing it fast may hurt your shoulders or it may cause pain in your muscles.

lose belly fat through side crunches

Rolling Plank

rolling plank to loose belly fat

Plank works best to shed the full body fat. It mainly works for your hips, abdomen, arms and lower back. You need to keep the plank position for at least 25-30 seconds and keep on breathing normally during this time. It happens many times that people hold their breath while doing this exercise and end up with some health issues. So undergo a proper training for it.

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Side Bends

This is yet another simple exercise we have been doing since our school time. Remember those physical training lessons and the competition of who touches their feet easily. This exercise reminds you of your school physical training lessons. We don’t think you need any training now to carry out this exercise. But one thing you always need to look out is to watch that your knees should not bend while touching your feet.

Side bends to loose the love handle

Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunch is a kind of tough job you need to perform to lose the belly fat. Since it is tough to exercise but its effect is higher than any other exercise. You need to lift up your legs, bend your knees making a right angle with your body and then tilt your legs backward. Perform this exercise slowly and keep your back straight while doing so.

Reverse Crunches to loose belly fat


cycling to loose belly fat

Cycling works for losing the excess belly fats and toning your thighs. You can perform this exercise at your home or in an open ground as per your convenience. Even when you are going to a marketplace, opt to go by riding a bicycle instead of choosing for a vehicle. This will save your fuel as well as it will help you get rid of your unwanted belly fat.

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11 simple exercise to lose belly fat

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