11 toxic kind of people that are better off your life

people people you are better off with

Surrounding of Toxic people is harmful for health

Life is short to waste and shorter to waste on people who aren’t worth it. Each day our body functions and makes it a point to take the toxin out of our body letting it a smooth function. We should be same with our life. We meet a hell lot of people in the journey, and rarely a few are worth a keep.

So who all aren’t cherish-worthy? The list is below –

# Mean ones

mean people

The species is not rare to find out. Just look around and probably you will come across numerous mean people. They don’t carry a board along with them that they are mean. As and when you spend time with them, you tend to realise that part about them. They would expect help from you, but when you are in need, they will disappear in the thin air. Beware from these.

# Loners

loner people

Yes, the forever alone ones. Here we don’t mean those single people, rather the ones who are always lonely. The problem with these people is that they add that loneliness to your life too. There is nothing wrong in helping a friend who is undergoing a period of isolation. But there are people who no matter what, stay and feel alone. Such loners are better left alone. If been with them, they creep into your life and create some insecurity issues on their side.

# Ungrateful ones

toxic kind of people the ungrateful ones

No matter how much ever do you strive for them, they would just refuse to acknowledge. They won’t accept that you are always there for them. The species of humans is ungrateful, and it’s best to keep one arm distance with them. Prevent them from being a spoilsport.

# Forever depressed ones

forever depressed people

Okay, here we don’t mean depression in its literal sense. We say it here in its metamorphic sense. It is delightful to help someone coming out of his or her problems, but only when it’s genuine. Some people incorporate it as a habit. They remain sad and keep cribbing about everything merely for sympathy. It’s better if you recognise such people at the earliest and let them be on their own instead of wasting your time and energy.

-# Envious ones

envy people

When you climb the ladder of success, you lose out of friends, and that is cent percent true! While our real friends remain, some turn only envious towards us. Envy can change into jealousy, and you never know what kind of destruction it would bring. If you ever sense some of your close ones being envious towards you, it’s better to chop the string there itself and move on.

# Negative ones

negative people

A ship sinks because the hole allows water to seep. A similar scenario relates to people and their attitudes. We all come across negativity in our lives, and this is entirely normal. But, some of us remain negative, no matter how much ever positivity life brings. Over the time, this becomes AN engraved attitude. It can even inflict you if you let them influence you. Hence, it’s best to avoid negative people in your life as if we avoid negative thoughts.

# Disrespectful ones

Before you even start respecting someone, you need to respect yourself. Always keep this in your mind. People who are disrespectful towards your choices in life, matters, opinions, beliefs, or perception, are better off of your life. Differing to your opinions or not agreeing to your notions is different, in fact normal. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion but disrespecting anyone else’s is for that matter not cool!

# Taken for granted

taken for granted

If ever in your life you feel that your better half, your friends or any close one takes you for granted, you should not think twice before closing the chapter unchangingly. We value people to the extent that we even fail to recognise how much are we valued in their eyes. Never let anyone take you for granted!

 # Self-deficit love

You often encounter people quite low on self-love. They aren’t comfortable in their skin. Nor do they appreciate what they have. They stay in a constant comparison with someone else and fail to love themselves. Such people exude negativity largely. Their such attitude adds up to insecurity and discontentment, which then leads to unhappiness.

# Clingy ones

Off course friends are to help each other during rough patches. We all do whatever we can for our buds. But clingy ones take this in a too serious way. Just like glue to the paper, they stick to us. No matter where we go, what we do, whom we meet, they orbit us like a satellite. We suggest, wash your hands off such people ASAP.

# Backboneless


Taking a stand where it’s utmost important and having people who stand, be it for you or against is vital. There are some such spineless humans disguised as our friends around us. You help them, hang out with them but you will never find them around when the situation gets nasty. They keep mum when they have to take a stand. Such people are cowards or backboneless. They flow as the water flows. They move wherever they could fit in.


It isn’t a cakewalk to distinguish and scrap out the toxic people from our lives. But, as they say, the mature you get, the lesser friends you make. At the end of the day positivity in the form of positive people is all that deserves to stay in your precious life.

Shweta Suvarna

Shweta Suvarna

A media student and aspiring writer. Loves to talk, observe and know people. Not entirely an extrovert, neither a hardcore introvert. Self driven and self motivated individual who seeks for nothing more than growth. "Be you own flame, even if it burns a little"