11 Ways to Propose a Girl

how to propose a girl

Looking out to propose her? You might be confused how to make her feel special. You can go for as simple ways as you want or you can also try some really creative ways which will surely melt her heart for you

Looking out to propose her? You might be confused how to make her feel special. You can go for as simple ways as you want or you can also try some really creative ways which will surely melt her heart for you. This is every girl’s dream that her man should propose her in most unique way and makes her feel special. It’s not like she can’t propose you but she wants you to make efforts to let her know how much you love her and happy to have her in your life.

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The story of how you proposed her will be told to her friends, your friends, may be your kids and your grandchildren. Make this moment the best for her for the rest of her life so that she will love you even more than you do. Here are some ways you can try to make your girl feel really very special:

  1. Choose a Special Day

Choose a day which is special to your girl or to both of you. You can propose her on Valentine ’s Day, New Year’s eve, her birthday, the day you first met or any day like this which is special to both of you.

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  1. The Place You First Met

What could be better than proposing the love of your life at the place where you first met. Take her to the place, recreate the old moments and then go for the proposal. It will work for sure and she will be moved with lifetime pleasure.

  1. Be Yourself

Nothing works more than being yourself. Sometimes all ways fail but there’s one way which will work for sure and that is be yourself. Don’t overdo anything, just keep it simple but elegant and if she’s into you she’ll definitely accept your proposal.

how to propose a girl

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  1. The YouTube Proposal

Record a video to propose her and post it on YouTube. Send her the link of the video saying it the videos you normally share or some work related information. Make the message in the video as creative as you can. Don’t forget to let her know what she means to you. You’ll be amazed to see her reactions.

  1. The Treasure Hunt Proposal

11 ways to propose a girl treasure hunt

You can try out a treasure hunt proposal as well. You can put linking notes around her until she gets to the final note. If both of you are at your workplace, put a note on her table directing her to some else place and from there to somewhere else. Keep doing this until she gets to the final note. Keep the final note a romantic one.

  1. The Radio Proposal

propose a girl on radio

Check out if she listens radio every day. Call your local radio channel and dedicate the most romantic love song to her. A girl would surely love a boy proposing her in front of thousands of people.

  1. The Key proposal

key to heart

This could be simple but a great way to bring smile on her face. Send a key to her home by courier. Or if you are at office, put a key in an envelope with a note in it. Let the note read “The key you received is the key to my heart”. She’ll be first touched by the way you proposed her and then the note you have written. Double surprise to you as well.

  1. The Skywrite Proposal

If you are not one of those shy guys and not afraid to express your feelings in front of people around you, then you can go for skywriting. Hire a skywriter and ask him to display your proposal so that everyone could see how much you love her. She’ll love the guts you showed.

  1. The Surprise Box Proposal

This way goes for shy guys. Pick a big box and place a small box inside it. Place another box inside the smaller box. Put a gift or a ring in the smallest box with a love note. This will be the best way to work.

how to propose a girl

  1. The Banner Proposal

Again if you want to show your love for her in a unique way to get a banner prepared with a romantic note stating what she means to you and saying ‘I Love You’ at the end. She’ll definitely accept your love for her.

  1. The Music Proposal

The sweetest, simplest, elegant yet most loved way to propose a girl is through music. If you want to make this moment a larger one the hire an orchestra, gather your friends and close ones and ask the orchestra guys to sing a song incorporating your girl’s name in that. You can also try singing a love song proposing her by yourself. She’ll definitely get into tears.

how to propose a girl

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