11 Yoga Lessons for Health and Fitness

Child Pose - Yoga

Some easy to exercise yoga asans to keep you in shape and healthy

Yoga is a complete package starting from weight loss to keeping to healthy and fit. But opting yoga over other things for maintaining your health requires complete dedication and your constant interest in it. For once you lose interest then your dedication towards it fades slowly and you try to give it up. And later when you try to restart it, it’ll take more efforts than before to get into a pace. So ones you opt for yoga learn to be more patient and put on all your efforts to witness the wonders it will do your body.

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Yoga is not a tiring work out and can be done with a number of sets to experience the visual difference in your body within a short time. Yoga is a slow poison for fats as it works a little slower than other workouts to cut down the excessive fats from your body. But the reason to choose yoga is it brings more energy in you and leaves you to feel refreshed throughout the day, unlike other workouts which make yoga feel tired all day long. Let’s have a look at different yoga lessons which help you to be healthy and fit.

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11 yoga lessons for health and fitness


Surya Namaskar Yoga for #Yogaday

Suryanamaskar is considered the best yoga practice of all. It is a set of 12 poses combined together to form a sequence. Suryanamaskar works on the whole body as it involves 12 different yoga poses each of which works on a different body part. Do suryanamaskar for a couple of times initially and increase the count as per your convenience and capacity. Work on increasing your capacity to see the best possible results in your health.

The Tree Pose

Tree pose yoga

The tree pose mainly works on the side abs. Firstly stand straight, then place the bottom of one of your legs on the thigh of another leg. Join your hands with your palms aligned to each other in front of your chest. Press your palms and inhale and exhale a couple of times. Repeat this for 4-5 times and then change the side of your leg and again continue the same for 4-5 times.

The Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose Yoga #yogaday

The mountain pose stretches your arms and back and is a good warm-up pose to carry out. All you need to do is stand straight and inhale and exhale ones. Now Lift your arms upward and hold them over your head. Your arms should not bend and try to keep them straight with your palms facing each other and your fingers opened. Do not overstretch or else you might hurt your muscles doing so. Now slowly get your arms down as you exhale. Repeat this for 4-5 times.

The Bow Pose

Bow pose yoga #yogaDay

The Bow Pose is best to work on your abs. Working on your abs through the bow pose involves stretching your arms and legs as well. Hence it also helps to keep your arms and legs toned. Lay down straight on the floor with your face facing to the floor and your back facing the ceiling. Raise your legs upward and try to bend your knees. Bring your arms near your legs and try to hold your ankles. Lift your shoulders upward as you hold your ankles.

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The Rocking Boat Pose

Yoga Rocking boat pose

The rocking boat pose works on your abs and butts. Sit down straight with your feet parallel to the ground. Inhale and exhale before you begin to go for the pose. Bend back to 45 degrees and lift your legs upward up to 45 degrees with the ground. Extend your arms and let them touch your feet making a V shape of the body.

The Warrior Pose 1

yoga warrior pose #yogaDay

The warrior poses 1 helps to stretch your arms, legs and back. Stand straight and inhale and exhale before you start. Put your one leg forward and keep the other one at the same place. Watch the distance between your legs, it should be around 3-4 feet. Bend your front foot and keep your other foot straight. Bend the knee of your front foot to ninety degrees and the other foot being straight. Pose as that of the mountain pose and long the pose as long as you can.

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The Warrior Pose 2

Yoga Warrior Pose

The warrior pose 2 also works on your arms, legs and back. This pose is done the same way as that of warrior pose 1. Stand straight and inhale and exhale. Get into the position of warrior pose 1. But this time you don’t need to lift your arms over your head, you have to stretch your arm wide and parallel to the ground. Keep your shoulders straight and hold the pose as long as you can. Repeat this for 4-5 times and change the side of your leg.

The Cobra Pose

Yoga Cobra Pose #YogaDay

The cobra pose works in stretching your back. Lie down on your stomach and keep your arms beside your body. Put your palms close and beneath your shoulders. Put your strength on your palms and try to lift your shoulders up along with your chest and your face. Hold on the pose for some moment and repeat the pose for a couple of times. This pose is a stretching exercise and can be done to relieve stress from the body.

The Downward Dog Pose

Yoga Downward Dog Pose #yogaDay

The downward dog pose works on your arms, abs and thighs. All you need to do is bending down with your legs spread wide and your arms touching the floor and parallel to your feet. Lift up your hips and stretch your legs so that your knees should be under your hips. Do not hold your legs straight. You can bend your knees a little inward to avoid locking of blood circulation.

The Side-Stretch

Yoga Side Stretch Pose for health #yogaDay

The side stretch works on your side abs, arms and legs. Stand straight and inhale and exhale. Now move your feet apart from each other and try to bend your chest and arm to the left side. Keep your arms parallel over your body. Bend your chest as much as you can and hold the position for some seconds. While doing this do not let your knees bend. Try to keep your legs straight. Perform this pose 8-10 times for each side.

The Child’s Pose

Yoga Child Pose #YogaDay

After all the poses are done completely, you need a good warm up to release the pain from your body. Sit on your legs and bend your chest forward. Let your face rest on the floor and your arms should be straight in front of your head. Hold this pose for a minute and inhale and exhale while you do this.

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