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Nobody can match the level of sacrifice that our parents do to us isn’t it? And as a child, we always feel like there is a need for appreciating their loving efforts that they put in nurturing us. Anniversaries are usually those days when you are keen on gifting something worthwhile to your parents but often we fall short of ideas. We have compiled some of the best gifting ideas that your parents are going to love it.

  1. Memory book

    Gift ideas for parents. memory book

    You need to take old photographs of your parents and family and a crap book. If you are into crafts or, at least, have a friend who is into crafts then decorate the scrapbook with hearts and roses. Take those old pictures of your parents and paste it in a manner that it will take them back to their memory lane. You can add some cute captions to each photograph to make it more interesting.

  1. Huge photo frame

    gift huge photo frame to parents
    Image source: zibbet

    This idea might sound overdone and overly used yet, it never fails to woo your parents. If you have a big house, then making a huge photo frame of your parents would surely look beautiful. Hanging it on one wall would in a way stand as the honour to them; On the other hand, if they have a separate bedroom then a table photo frame would also work.

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  1. Arrange an outing

    outing for parents

    In the midst of feeding and rearing us, somewhere down the line most of the parents forget that there is a requirement of spending time with their partner too. On such occasions as an anniversary, you can gift them what they are short of – “quality time”. You can buy them a ticket to an amusement park or simply book movie tickets for them followed by a dinner date. Isn’t romantic it?


  1. House party

    host house party for parents. gift ideas

    If you are a grown up enough to arrange a party then go ahead with this option. Send in invites to close friends of your parents and family and arrange a house party. You can make them play some cute games such as rapid fire or who knows more. If possible, you can arrange their photographs in the form of the video and play it before your entire family and friends.

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  1. A photo shoot

    gift ideas. plan photo shoot for parents

    Now, if your pocket is somewhat heavy, you can think of this option as well. Arrange a photographer and make their photo shoots done. With options like candid photography, photo story, you can actually choose the kind of photo shoot that your parents would be comfortable with and make them smile with those photographs. This particular idea is surely worth a million because, in the older days, the pictures were never taken much into consideration moreover the lack of skills made it worse but come one, times are changing so why not to gift them this one.


  1. Classic outfit

    gift classic outfit to parents

    If your mom and dad are pretty outgoing, why not buy them an expensive outfit? We all know that they will never buy it on their own so why don’t you gift them. Pick up a designer sari or exclusively traditional one like – Kanjivaram for your mom. A suit, coat, or high-end shirt would go greatly with your dad.


  1. Day off from household chores

    Gift ideas for parents. break from household chores

    Gifts need not to materialistic always and hence this suggestion would work. We suggest you to let them take a day off from work especially your work. Being it their own day, you along with your siblings or friends take the charge of your home. Cook food on your own, clean your house exactly how your parents do, make them snacks and beverages and allow them to simply relax on this particular day.


  1. A shopping therapyGift ideas for parents. Shopping therapyRemember how as a kid they used to take you for shopping with them? Wasn’t it exciting? Definitely, it was! Everyone loves to shop. If your parents get to see that their 6 years old kid, who once used to accompany them for shopping is now grown up enough to take them on a shopping spree, would indeed be a proud moment. Make them feel like a kid again and do not forget to say – “Buy whatever you want to buy, I will pay.” 😉


  1. Custom statues

    gift ideas for parents. custom facebook status for parents

    Don’t we find those cute looking showpieces adorable? Well, you can make one such customised statue of your parents through various materials. You just need to know the right kind of people who would make it for you.


  1. Set up a date

    Gift ideas for parents. Set up a date

    We all are diehard fans of romantic dates but somehow couples these days don’t get enough time. On the day of their anniversary, send them on a date to a restaurant. Make sure that your mom and dad dress their best and take this date excessively seriously.


  1. Couple watches

    romantic couple watches gift for parents

    Watches do make an elegant gift hence do consider this option as well. Many brands do offer couple watches and that is what you need to find out. Gifting a watch is considered safe, sophisticated and elegant. Therefore, if you have no time to think and arrange, you can surely go for this option invariably. This watch would certainly remind them of the amazing time that they spend together as a family with you.


  1. Ring of love

    couple rings for parents

    If they have undergone a substantial period of time together such as 50 years or 30 years, then you can also consider gifting them a couple ring. You can even customise those rings by engraving each other’s name o those rings. These rings could be made of platinum, diamond, gold or eve silver – that totally depends upon your budget because love sees no price.


  1. Photo book

    Photo book ideas for gift

    Unlike the good old days, we no longer have hard copies of the photographs because everything is digitalized. I order to make the day or your gift memorable you can select some of the best pictures that are with you in the form of soft copy. These pictures could be family photos, pictures of you with your parents or perhaps a couple photos of your parents. Make sure you select at least 20 photographs from the bunch and make a photo album of it. While printing you can even add, some quotes or poems to make it more customised.


  1. Long drives

    romantic long drive

    Who said that long drives are meant only for your special someone? Being a child, you can gift them the most precious thing and that is your tie. Take those keys and ask them to come along on a long drive. Eat your parent’s favourite street food and get back home… you won’t realise but probably that is more than enough for them.


No matter what and how you decide to gift them always remember, your gift itself is an evidence of the efforts that you put in and it shows how much do you value your parents.

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