15 Awesome Summer Dress Ideas for women

summer dress ideas for women

Shine this summer with these amazing dresses

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The ultimate dilemma of every girl: “what to wear?”. Besides having a wardrobe full of top trendy dresses, a girl is always confused every other day when she looks up to her wardrobe and thinks for hours to pick out the perfect dress for her. And as summer in knocking the door, it becomes quite difficult to pick up a dress which would be classic and comfortable for you at the same time. Just go through the list and find out a perfect summer dress for you.

  1. Denim shorts with plain t-shirt

What could be more comfortable than denim shorts for a girl? With the rising temperature in summer, you try to find out light weight clothes. And for this, you can go with wearing denim short with any plain t-shirt. This combination is best when you are getting late for your college and you cannot decide what to wear.

summer fashion denim shorts with plain t-shirt

  1. Floral printed dress

Printed dresses have always been the trend of summer. Floral printed dress always comes to your rescue when you get stuck within your wardrobe. The bright floral print on your dress gives you a fresh look and you don’t need to add heavy accessories with it. You can carry this look in your college or any summer party.

summer fashion floral printed dress

  1. Polka dot dress

If you are bored of wearing those regular printed dress then you can opt for a polka dot dress. Polka dot adds spice to your regular dress and gives you a vibrant look. To grab the perfect look, find out a dark colored dress with white polka dots on it. And then you are all ready to set out even in the rising temperature.

summer fashion polka dot dress

  1. White t-shirt with denim jeans

This is the only dress you can wear anywhere you want during summer. You can go to your college, your workplace, any summer party, family meetings or just going for shopping as well. This combination looks simple yet elegant and you perfectly rock the look everywhere.

summer fashion white t-shirt with denim

  1. Printed Jumpsuit

Printed jumpsuit is a good option to choose when you are heading for shopping or any casual outing with your friends. If you have one in your wardrobe then you can go for it but if you are planning to buy one then you can choose a cotton fabric and sleeveless jumpsuit. The bright print on the dress gives you a trendy look and at the same time fabric of the dress does not let you feel taken to the temperature.

Summer fashion printed jumpsuit

  1. Graphic print dress

Do you want to try a completely new look for a summer party? If yes then this is the thing for you. Choose a dress with eye-catching graphic print on it. There are numbers of beautiful graphic prints available from which you can choose a dress of your choice. Choose one and get all the eyes staring at you in the party.

summer fashion ideas graphic print dress

  1. Crop top with printed skirt

This dress is ruling the fashion world and is the latest trend in the fashion era. Pair up any of your printed skirt with suitable crop top and complete the trendy look for the day. If you don’t have any printed skirt, you can go with animal printed skirt as well. It still justifies your look completely.

summer dress ideas for women Crop top with print skirt

  1. Bold Stripped dress

Every girl should own at least one bold stripped dress. This is because, when you don’t have any trendy dress and you cannot buy one at the times, a bold stripped dress will always be your back-up plan. For bold stripped dress never goes out of trend and adds beauty to your appearance.

summer dress ideas for girls bold stripped dress

  1. Denim Shirt with white skirt

Denim shirt with white skirt is a perfect choice when you are heading for your office. Besides being comfortable with the fabric of this dress, it gives you a classy and professional look simultaneously. You can opt this dress when you are having meeting with your boss or with your clients and rock the look.

Summer dress ideas for girls Denim shirt with white skirt

  1. Printed Dress

As said earlier, printed dress has always been the trend of summer. The best thing about this dress is you can have wide range of printed dresses in your wardrobe. And every dress gives you a completely different look. This is because the color and print of that dress is the thing that makes you look either vibrant or simple.

Summer dress ideas for girls Printed dress

  1. Maxi Dress

Maxi dress is the best option for poolside parties. You can choose from a simple plain maxi dress or various printed maxi dresses. This is the ultimate option to choose when you cannot wear those heavy gowns and still want to grab that splendid look.

Summer dress ideas for girls Maxi dress

  1. Lace tops

Pair up your lace top with shorts or skirt or denim jeans and you look absolutely different from everybody present around you. The combination looks good for college girls and you can have a triple rescue plan as you can wear it with short someday or with skirt or simple with your jeans.

summer dress ideas for girls Lace tops

  1. Check skirt with plain top

If you don’t have a check skirt then we would h2ly suggest you to buy one as you can wear this beautiful dress mainly during summer, as during winter you wish to be covered up all the day. Check skirt with plain top gives you a magnificent look and you steal the show with your appearance.

summer dress ideas check skirt with plain top

  1. Lace sheath Dress

Lace sheath dress looks pretty and cute. So when you want to impress that cute boy in your class or if you are going to have a coffee with your special someone and you cannot decide what to wear then this is the answer for you. Go for it and make him stare at you all the time.

Lace Sheath dress summer dress ideas for girls

  1. Printed dress with a belt around waistline

A belt around waistline on your printed dress is just as a cherry on the cake. Even when the cake tastes yummy and amazing but it is always the cherry which completes the look and make you buy the cake. Similarly a simple and cute belt around your waist gives you a complete look.

Summer Dress Ideas for girls printed dress with a belt around waistline

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