15 Jargons Only a Startup Guy Would Understand

Startup industry is a different world in itself and their are certain Jargons that only a startup guy understands.
Here are some of them. feel free to add to the list

Startup industry is a different world in itself and their are certain Jargons that only a startup guy understands.
Here are some of them. feel free to add to the list

  1. B2B/B2B

B2B stands for business to business. It means that one company sells their products to other companies. B2C stands for business to consumer. It means that one company sell their product directly to the consumers.

  1. H-to-H

H-to-H also referred to as H2H stands for human to human. By this term it means that brands start business from human to human instead of business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C).

  1. Exit Strategy

Exit strategy is all about planning. Planning about the selling of the products making the most profit. It’s about making strategies so that you can make your investors lots of money.

  1. mCommerce

mCommerce stands for mobile commerce. It states that shoppers use mobiles for buying purpose. To increase the attention from the customers, business owners should focus in making their online store mobile friendly.

  1. Seed Fund

That initial investment required to run the startup till the investor arrives. In general cases this money is invested by the founders itself. In some cases investor becomes a partner in initial stage and provides that money.

  1. Dashboard

Dashboard is a series of charts and graphs that incorporate a business’s relevant data displayed in an easy-to-understand charts and graphs. It is beneficial to track the growth of the business.

  1. Remarketing

It means displaying an advertisement that delivers image or text ad for your company to the user after that user drops off your website without converting.

  1. Conversation Marketing

Marketing with the goal of having direct one to one conversation with the customers through social media and other channels.

  1. Iterate

Iterate means repetition but with improvement in every round. It means try or code something at first, if it goes wrong then try again in a different way and continue till you get better results.

  1. Launch

It means to start a company or push a website live. When you are about to start you company or website, you can use the word launch and when you are done with it then you can replace then word launch by activated.

  1. Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a term used for boosting up a company’s growth. It’s about finding all innovative and expensive ways for bringing more profit to the company. It includes adding inexpensive features to the product which would make it go viral and boosting attention in a massive way.

  1. Freemium

The brand sells away the basic version of the product for free to the customers and then tries to upsell the additional features to their customers. In other words it can be stated as they provide just enough functionality in the free version to hook customers, but limit them in a way that encourages an upgrade to premium.

  1. Pivot/MVP

Taking this into consideration, it is defined in a startup language as change directions as per the requirement of the company or you can say a trial run. MVP is known as minimum viable product it is generally the first version of any startup product which is launched to test the market feasibility of product

  1. ROI

ROI stands for Return On Investment. It means that returning to the investors what they expect to get for what they put in.

  1. Traction

It means keeping check on the sale of your product. Traction is the proof that people are actually buying and using your stuff.
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