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The expenditure is shooting the sky and surviving merely on a nine to five job not just cuts your other sources of income but also make things mundane and monotonous. With an apt connectivity, thankfully there are many options for working that allowing us to work from home in various sectors of industries. However, before unlocking those options let us figure out what are the benefits of working from home –
1. You save time by not wasting it on daily commuting
2. You save expenses of commuting
3. You can get as flexible as you want
4. To take a leave or do over time – you decide on your own
5. Comfort of home while you work
Some consider working from home as a second source of income while some opt for it as their main source of income. Whichever way you decide to take your work from home as we have listed down several options of money making while residing at your home.

1. Selling online

– figure out what can you sell? From artistic earrings made by beads and stones to wall paintings decide upon the things that you can sell and register yourself as the seller to various websites. Some of these websites are – eBay.in, amazon.in and so on.

2. Itunes

– Whether you are a musician or a tech nerd or someone who can produce the type of music video, text that is worth listening to then certainly you need to consider this as an option. This will make you stand next to the big competitors and showcase your talent at the same time. So don’t wait for opportunities to come, sail your ship to them.

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3. Youtube

– Think of an idea that is unique to watch. Work upon it religiously. Script it, shoot it and upload it. You need not worry about likes and subscribers if your content is worth it. Each day youtube attracts the humongous amount of youtube watchers and the people who upload the videos. So, if you think that you can show them some unique piece of creation then why not try here once?

4. Content writing

– One of the most popular careers contemporarily is content writing. Content writing can be done both, online and offline which is why it gives an option of working from home. Even though there are various types of content that are required by the company, you can always read and figure out which genre suits you the best. Over the period after gaining substantial experience, you can charge your write-ups according to your will and market rates.

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5. Blogging

– Related to content writing is another booming career option called – blogging. Here you are given two options. You can either make your own website or blog, choose a genre, start writing, gather visitors and earn through promoting other products and services on your blog. Such as – Promoting lake on a fashion blog. This, however, requires your followers to be in a huge number reflecting your popularity and level of influence.

Another option is that you can get yourself hired by a company, handle their blog posts, and get paid weekly/month.

6. Data entry

– numerous middle and small sized company tp people looking out for a job generally outsource this job. Data entry is all about entering the data and segregating it properly. This job might sound a little boring, however; the pay is often good and from the comfort of your home.

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7. Graphic designing

– Look around yourself, on the street, in your laptop – everywhere is graphics. Be it banners, posters, logos, tee shirt prints or anything; graphics are required everywhere. If you have an inclination towards drawing and graphics then certainly you can think about this option. All that a graphic designer needs is a couple of software, an internet connection, an idea, and a mug of coffee. So what are you still waiting for?

8. Online Author

– If you have a plot in mind but no funds to invest then opt for online author job. Most of the sites allow you to publish your book free and let you earn a proportionate percent of royalty on each copy that is sold. So pick up your laptop and start sketching out your story through words.

9. Translator

– If you are well versed in more than one language then certainly you can think of becoming an online translator. This job demands proficiency in reading and writing of two languages at least. Most foreign companies are always on look translators to do this job. You are paid depending upon the number of documents that you translate.

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10. Online magazine

– If you possess and itch of starting something on your own then you can totally think of starting of your own online magazine. You can team up with a few more people and start your online magazine. Posting advertisements on the magazine would further give you revenue.

11. Selling your stuff

f – Have some old items lying in the wardrobe? Why don’t you try selling it off? Selling it off will not just help you in getting rid of it but it would also let you earn some extra pennies. So open your wardrobe and figure out the stuff that you can sell off easily. You just need to click a picture, upload it, and sell it off.

12. Lending your voice

– Voice artist is a booming career and if you think you have got the real talent of voiceover then probably you can think of lending your voice online and earning out of it.

13. Photography

– Do not let the passion of photography stay only in your closet take it out. Open an online gallery or sell your photos online. Let the world know what you can do and did we tell us about the pay? Yes, it is paid.

14. Online researcher

– Online research is another option lying open for those who love to find facts and analyze. Most of the companies do outsource this task to agencies. Get in touch with such agencies and take up the research project.

15. Online tutor

– If teaching has always been something that you are a pro at but never got time then why not become an online tutor today? All you need to do is take online classes from home for the subject that you are well versed with and then are paid for the job.

16. Guest writer

– A lot of writers invite guest writers to their blog. Some of the writers even pay you to write on their blog as a guest post. Still reading? Start searching such blogs and bloggers today!

17. Slogans for companies

– If you have the knack of writing down the catchy phrase and attractive slogan then certainly this is for you. Major companies either announce a slogan contests or hunt for freelancers to get the work done. If you have to be the lucky one then you cannot imagine the amount that you will be paid for this. So scratch your head and be visible as a freelancer.

18. Paid surveys

– This might sound peculiar but yes, it is true! Companies and agencies often carry out paid survey. They are on look out of people who would fill their survey forms. If you got in touch in any of such agencies make sure that you fill as many as you can. These paid surveys pay you around $5 and yet require no hard work to get the work done.

19. Earn from PTC sites

– The work is simple here and you can be paid up to 12,000/-. The job is to view various websites over the internet and click on it. The more websites you view and click the more money you get to earn. The job is boring but money isn’t.

20. Earn from GPT sites

– The basic idea is same as PTC sites the only difference is that on GTC sites you are paid to watch videos, hear audios, taking up small surveys, play games and much more. Sounds fun?

21. Become a Captcha Solver

– You know what is captcha right? These are the bunch of letters and numbers that we type to prove that we are not robots. However, some sites provide you an earning for every 1000 captcha you crack. You just need to see what is written and type it down. Sounds easier, isn’t it?

22. Affiliate Marketing

– Most of the companies today are rushing into affiliate marketing. This is a kind of marketing wherein, you open a website and post the products, and services provided by other companies say –Amazon. You promote their site and product through your website and get some proportionate amount of commission in return. Good tactics?

23. Virtual assistan

t – Much like a physical assistant the job of a virtual assistant is to handle all the virtual tasks of the particular firm and receive a pay for it. This job involves maintaining and updating websites, managing social media presence, handling emails and reverting and so on.

24. SEO Expertise

– Search Engine Optimization is a new fad amongst digital marketers, website owners, and content creators. This particular tool helps one in understanding what are the keywords that are used frequently and should be inculcated in the content as well so that it will lead to an increment in your website ranking on Google. Most of the companies are looking out for someone who can handle their SEO. This isn’t as technical as it sounds. So if you have an itch of learning something new, you can think about it. Watch youtube videos, read SEO articles and eventually, you will be able to handle it on your own.

25. Training and consultancy

– If you think that over the period of time you have embossed a knack of one particular subject then why not start an online consultancy? It could be an academic subject like history, zoology etc or something related to love and life like dealing with depression, love life, marriages and so on. You can also train people online and charge them for the training or simply open an online consultancy and earn through it.

26. Social media handler

– These are also known as social media managers. Today the world is over the social media, which is why social media managers get a significant role to play in the company. Posting on the company’s page, handling their twitter accounts, posting photos and videos is all that a social media manager does off course with a great creativity. Most of the companies hire a full-time worker for this but some small businesses outsource this work and give it to freelancers. If you think that, you can create some engaging updates on the page then why not try it?

27. Web designer

– As the digitalization of businesses is increasing with time, websites are highly in demand. From companies to individual professionals are looking out for web designers who can help them in making a website. If you have an IT background and an inclination towards coding then take up these projects on the freelance basis and earn with the experience.

28. Animation

– Contemporarily animation is not just confined to cartoons and their channels. We can even see animations in advertisements, videos with a h2 social message or even funny message at times. Even though learning Animation requires quite an amount of patience yet, if your interest lays you there then there is no harm in learning and earning few extra pennies.

29. Proofreading

– Do you know that you could get paid for rectifying other’s mistakes? Yeah, that is right. A number of organizations outsource this to part time or freelanced proofreaders. You just need to be grammatically sound with a h2 hold on language for this. Proofreaders are someone who checks and corrects the mistakes given to him in the write-up and send it to the editor. Who thought that you could actually get paid for pointing out the mistakes done by others?

30. Facilitator

– Where there is a starting point and an end, there has to be a middle point and that’s you. Become an agent. Find out what are the jobs that you can easily do such as – connecting writer to the client, web developer to the client, plumber to the customer and so on. Become a facilitator and earn you the commission.

31. Personal Trainer

– If you are good at physical training and looking for some spare work at home. You can probably work as a personal trainer for your neighborhood. The best thing about this is you start as a freelance and if all goes well you can always think about setting up your own gym and you can even launch your online personal training course.

Got any more ways to earn online? Do share with others through comments

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