4 Guidelines That Will Help You Become The Next Big Name In Blogging

4 Guidelines That Will Help You Become The Next Big Name In Blogging

Time to become a rockstar…

Blogs are as old as the internet itself. A brilliant means of communication that let everyone from amateurs to big businesses convey ideas and stories across the largest free distribution system in the world -the internet. No wonder that you want to try and harness the potential of this tool.

So you’re all set to be the next big name in blogging, to blow the collective mind of the internet, to shed light on things in a way that hasn’t been done before or perhaps, just to let the world have a tiny peek inside that fascinating mind of yours. You have every skill and the tool needed to make your blog a success. However, one(and perhaps the most important) question remains. What should you write about?

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Topic selection for a blog can either be a mistake that would eventually lead to the failure of your blog or the perfect launch pad to internet fame. Here are some guidelines that will help you make it the latter.

In A Big Wide World, Success Comes To Those Who Pick A Niche

Unless you’re creating a full-fledged news website with multiple writers it’s almost always a good idea to begin by picking a niche. While the idea of writing about various topics under the same blog may seem appealing at first, it can have adverse effects like your readers not having a clear idea of what your blog is supposed to be about or advertisers shying away because your content is too diverse. A much better approach is to pick a niche that you’re confident about, master it and expand later if the need be.

Don’t Write About Something Just Because It Works For Someone Else

This has to be the oldest and probably the most common mistake that people make while picking a niche. There can be a plethora of reasons why a particular subject may be working for someone that you may not be aware of. Subject knowledge, passion and credibility of the author are just some of the reasons that may have led to the blog’s success. Instead, you should write about something that you are passionate about and would enjoy the process as much as you’d enjoy the results.


Know Your Target Audience, You’re Here To Make A Blog Not A Madman’s Ramble

Picking a subject that you are immensely passionate about is good but you also need to ensure that there are others who are at least slightly passionate about the same. You will be needing readers after-all. Take this one step further by understanding your audience and finding better ways to connect to them. For example, Teenagers may appreciate artistic meme-making skills but business enthusiasts may not.

Keep It Relevant, Silly

This is the holy grail of guidelines when it comes to blogging. Once you have identified and perfected ways to connect with your audience, the final nail in the coffin is to make yourself relevant. As the author of the blog, it is important to remember that every person who visits your blog invests his or her valuable time in doing so. The best way to give them a return on this investment is to provide unique valuable content that takes time and effort to develop. Don’t just be a lazy CTRL+C-CTRL+V of popular blogs on the same subject. Pick a subject where you truly understand the subject matter that you are writing about and aspire to provide value to not only to the readers but to the subject as a whole by means of your research and perspectives.


Follow these steps, and you should have a successful blog in no time!

Agree with our list? Think there’s something that we have missed or something that you have learned from personal experience that may be worth sharing? Let us know in the comments below!

Shrijit Menon

Shrijit Menon

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