5 Tools Everyone In The Digital Marketing Industry Should Be Using

Social media for startup marketing

How many of these do you use ?

We all are well versed with the magical wand of marketing strategies and as the competition is cutting the throat, the even internet has become a major platform of marketing. We call it digital marketing. A number of websites are launched each day; a new feature is added to the social sphere of internet quite often and with such faster pace in order to keep the track n latest digital marketing trends, the marketer has to be on his toes always.

In order to keep their jobs less tough, we have listed down the 5 must tools that every digital marketing industry should be using.

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  1. Mail campaigns

    – The first thing that professionals are bound to check in the morning are their mailboxes. An effective email campaign can work wonders if channelized and targeted in the optimum sense. There are companies that provide you various packages in which you can send in your mails to the people that you target.


  1. Facebook

    – “World is on facebook, where are you” – This aptly suits when it comes to facebook. The number of users signing up with on facebook per minute is quite immense which is why you cannot overlook facebook. Whether you decide to sponsor an advertise on facebook or handle a page, facebook needs to be considered always.

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  1. Google analytics

    – Keeping your hands on the accurate data is a significant move and here is exactly where Google analytics comes handy. One of the best tools through which a digital marketer can avail information is Google analytics. With Google analytics, you actually get to know where your traffic is coming from, what the visitors do when they come to your site, and which pages of your website are working well. It is suggested that a regular visit to your Google analytics dashboard can do wonders in terms of your marketing understanding.


  1. Twitter

    – If you are into digital marketing, you just cannot avoid twitter. The presence of over 300 million users constitutes twitter worldwide that proves that you can easily gauge your target audience and sell your point to them. Twitter has another advantage of communication with the users on one on one basis and it is all about engaging your followers per say instead of spamming them with your one-way tweets of product and services that you offer.

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  1. Web sites and blogs

    – You may not have your control over the four above stated points but when it comes to your own blog, you can control it right? You need to see to it that your website is updated with the latest information along with the blog that is equipped with SEO. Whether you are into real estate business or cosmetics, having a blog along with your web site dig a huge difference with time.

Being alert 24*7 and keeping a keen eye on the move in trends is one of the supreme qualities that a digital marketer needs to posses. He must understand the functioning of various platforms and adorn himself/herself with techniques suitable to the respective platforms.

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