5 Worst marketing campaigns globally

Worst marketing campaigns

In our list of worst marketing campaigns, We do have our own best and worst set of advertisements yet this list is going to talk about the advertisements, which faced major failure and backlash from the viewers.

Each day we are bombarded with various advertisements while watching our favourite Tv shows. There are a few advertisements that keep us hooked and settle into our minds for a long time while there are some other kinds of advertisements that get into our nerves. Although, we do have our own best and worst set of advertisements yet this list is going to talk about the advertisements, which faced major failure and backlash from the viewers.

Find out if the advertise that gets on your nerve has it on the list or not.

  1. Worst marketing campaigns #1 Kurl On Mattress

    – This advertisement was not just an example of lack of creative but a greater of insensitivity as well. This particular advertisement showed Malala Yousafzai being shot by the gun at one side, and received the award on the other side. Eventually as she reaches the mattress, she dies. This make me think about the brains behind such horrible idea.

Watch the report here


  1. Worst marketing campaigns #2 The Perfect Body – Victoria’s Secret

    – This advertise showed skinny women in lingerie giving away the idea of what a perfect body looks like. This copy was seen to highly offensive to females because it painted the picture of perfection insensitively. As this advertise faced backlashes from people, it replaced the campaign name to – A body for everybodyWatch the Report here

  1. Worst marketing campaigns #3 Hotness comes in all shapes and sizes – Levis

    – Even though the slogan of this campaign was pretty well written and effective yet the copy faced backlash. This was because even though the words talked about all sizes and shapes, the visuals were contradictory. Skinny models were once again used to portray perfection of the perfect figure, which was seen as rude.

  1. Worst marketing campaigns #4 My bucket list – Malaysia Airlines

    – Being a center of two tragic events this advertises would have done well if they had paid a little attention to the details. Not realizing the connection of ‘bucket list’ and ‘death’, this company asked people to pick up a destination and explain why it has to be in their bucket list. A lack of conscious was seen in this particular campaign and it would have been harmless only if “bucket list” was replaced by “To-do list”. Watch the Report here


  1. Worst marketing campaigns #5 Cadillac

    – This advertise emphasised on American work ethics and virtues of working hard unlike others. The advertise shows an actor who walks around his pretty big mansion paying no hid to his wife and children and instead taking a dig on other countries and the work ethics that are followed there.

Publicizing is good but negative publicity can only land you up in troubles like those that these advertisements did to their respective brands. This is the reason why being extra careful and keeping the cultural gratification in the mind while planning up a copy is feasible and wise. Watch the report here

If you have any advertisement that annoys you to the core, shoot it below in the comment and make us hear your take as well. and we shall add it to the list of Worst marketing campaigns

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