6 Secret Strategies to Negotiate Without Being Rude

negotiate without being rude

Because being rude can be unhealthy for you

Are you one of the people who doesn’t at all know how to negotiate for something or just get away from something you don’t want to do and that too without being rude? If this seems to be your condition, then you have arrived at a perfect place for your solution. Negotiation usually arises when we want something from someone else or we want someone else to do something for us, and the other person wants something else from us.

Well, even if you disagree with someone at some point then don’t go directly and show your disagreement to them. Instead, there’s a way to negotiate to particular things which show your polite side and also helps you to state your point clearly to the other person. If followed properly, it may even help you to convince the other one with your views. Go ahead and check out the various strategies you can use to negotiate something without being rude.

Don’t just hear, but listen

There’s a great difference between hearing and listening. Hearing means letting the words pass through your ears only and listening means allowing the words to pass through your ears and reaching to your mind. Listening to someone even if you want to negotiate their idea has a big advantage. Listening allows their words to reach your mind and you get a clear idea of what they are speaking about and whether it is suitable for you or not. So that you can explain to them how it does not fit your conditions.

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Use proper body language

A proper body language can convince anyone for anything. When you feel that didn’t you like the idea of someone talking to you then don’t show your disinterest to them. Shake your head while they talk to you and speak to them what you feel about the idea. Even if you disagree with some points but the person will love the interest you showed them during your conversation. Don’t point a finger at someone while showing negotiation. Instead, let them finish what they say and then start stating your views.

Your words matter the most

Your words play the ultimate role to attract someone or even making them to hate you. Good words are most needed to show disagreement, because for showing your agreement for something a simple YES will also do the job. But for negotiating something you need proper words which won’t hurt the other person.

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Do research

When you want to negotiate to something, before that go for a proper research about the idea. To do this, ask the person speaking to you to grant you some time to think about their idea. During that time, research for what the person really said and what would be the possible outcome of it. Decide whether you want to go with the idea or not. If yes then inform that person and if not then again research why you don’t want to do it. So that when that person asks the reason behind your disagreement then you would have a valid justification for that.

Watch your tone

It is always suggested by our elders to be polite when we speak to someone. And when the matter comes to showing disagreement, we always forget our body language and then tone we speak into. We should always be careful of tone and not raise our voice even if we disagree on someone’s point. It shows a sense of negativity and creates a bad impact on the other person even if we didn’t intentionally do it at all.

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Don’t pass judgments

Passing judgments over something shows that you are afraid of doing that particular thing and that’s why you are jumping to the conclusions. It happens most of the time that when we disagree with something then we try hard to prove ourselves right and the other one completely wrong in the conversation. This somehow shows that you are being rude to them. When you disagree with something, you can show it by simply saying no or a sorry and then end the discussion with a mutual understanding.


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