7 Deadliest of Deadly Sins every Startup Founder Makes

The Deadlist of Deadly Startup Sins

I believe start ups are supposed to be one of the seven deadly sins, in fact to rephrase; I would say start-ups are consisting of seven deadly sins.

Owing to the rapid change in social setup and cultural trends, in recent years India has witnessed the fastest growth in the ecosystem of start-ups. Contemporarily, there are numerous amongst us who are planning to set up their own respective ventures from a few years from now. While some of the start-ups flourish frantically, other fail to bloom as expected and eventually give up in the race.
I believe startups are supposed to be one of the seven deadly sins, in fact, to rephrase; I would say start-ups are consisting of seven deadly sins.

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The first deadly sin that the Bible speaks about is lust. When you see an entrepreneur who is passionate about building his empire, do not forget to peep into his or her eyes. His/her eyes would be filled with lustful intentions towards his/her dream. You will often find them satisfying their dreams of success so passionately as if it is a lust for them.


The second deadly sin is excessive eating and drinking. Any entrepreneur who is driven by the zeal of setting up his startup will always be found high and drunk upon the idea of success and achievements of


One of the most common deadly sin that is seen everywhere contemporarily. When it comes to a startup, they are one of the most greedy people on earth. They do not think twice is going a mile extra to satisfy their clients who will eventually boost their own stand-up. They are often greedy towards the quality that they offer and end up pushing their limits limitlessly to achieve what they target.


The next sin is laziness. Even though it appears that an entrepreneur who handles a startup is always working and rolling, one fails to see the peculiar aspect of it. They might be competent and workaholic head to toe but anything beyond their work faces the laziness hidden inside them. Be it a party, a trip – it is always better to nurture your empire than wasting time.


A strong feeling of anger or vengefulness is undeniably found brooding in the startup. Most of the time it is encountered that those who are tired of the corporate world and find themselves guilty of this deadly sin channelize their energy towards the startups.


Without the competition, no startup is a startup and with competition, envy appears. In order to grow and perform well on every single day, often entrepreneur becomes envious towards himself or herself. They struggle hard to break their own records and set up a new one every day.


Here comes the last sin out of seven which is again common to be found in an entrepreneur who is dealing with his/her own startup. Start-ups take pride in what they offer and the things that they do. They are not ashamed of the failures that they face in fact failure is one of the elements that they are proud upon

We believe some sins are mandatory to commit; some sins bind human beliefs, and startups are one of them.

Shweta Suvarna

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