7 must have(s) in you makeup kit for instant occasions


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When one talks about makeup, there is a lot that comes into in but carrying everything at once can cause a little too much trouble isn’t it? Moreover, there are occasions when you really don’t have enough time to get yourself jazzed up, So why not to have a list of 6 essentials of makeup that can transform a girl next door into a diva of the party, no matter where you go.

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    – You can do without a lipstick but you cannot do without a lip balm. Lip balms keep your lips hydrated and fresh. A few branded lip balms can also provide tints of colour on your lips. So if you find it tedious to carry your lipstick set or even if you carry your lipsticks with you, do not forget to carry your lip balm.

make up lip balm
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  1. KAJAL

    – This item is quite near dear one of most of the girls. Kajal can officially transform your simple look into a killer one. Keep a kajal by your side always especially when you have less time for makeup. Just one stroke of it and your eyes are highlighted already.

makeup kajal
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    – If you are quickly heading to a party post your office hours do not get into washing off your face instead keep wet tissues handy. Wet tissues are easier to carry and help you in keeping you away from constant sweating. Whenever you feel your face needs to be refreshed, you can always wipe it with wet tissues.


    – Find the colour tone that suits your skin tone and you are all set to look prim and proper. Keeping a Compaq, power case with you always just ensures that you can provide touch up to your face wherever and whenever you feel like. Compaq powder can add the glow to your dull face instantly without even you washing the face.

makeup compaq powder
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    – Always carry a lipstick that goes with every kind of outfit. These tried and tested colours could be the shades of pink, red, coral, or brown. Keeping a lipstick handy can allow you to add oomph to your face whenever you feel like. If you do not have, time to dress up probably, a lipstick can help you out effortlessly.

makeup lipstick
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    – Blushers can make you look lovely in your outfit. It will add up an inch of extra feminine feature to your face. If you are a pro with the usage of blushers then you must carry it always.

makeup blusher




    – More often eyeliners can add magic to your favourite feature and that is your eyes. Make it a prim and proper liner or experiment it with cat eyes. Eyeliner is necessary for your bag especially for the events that hit you just on time giving you no time to dress up.

makeup eyeliner


These are a few items that you should carry in your small makeup kit and take it with you while you travel because you never know who is in the mood of partying!

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