7 reasons why are moms superhumans

mom are superhuman

One person with so many qualities, She is just the bestest ..!!

One day is never enough to thank our mom for the love and support that she has bestowed upon us for decades. The way our moms handle everything, does multitask, takes our care, and handles her office as well surprises me to think if she is for real. Is she really a human? Alternatively, superhuman?

  1. Mom knows everything

    – Whether it is the key of your cupboard or your dad’s file, whether it is a three-decade-old photo or your old sari – she knows where it is kept undoubtedly. When we cannot even recollect what we did on our last birthdays, she distinctively remembers what is kept where.

mom knows everything

  1. She can read you

    – Whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not but she reads you. She understands when you are depressed, angry, disappointed, or merely throwing tantrums. You certainly lie to yourself but you can never lie to your mother.

mom reads mind

  1. She takes care of everyone

    – It requires a special set of skills to be nice to even the most annoying relatives or neighbors isn’t it? However, you must have seen you mother handling it pretty well like a pro.

mom takes care

  1. The immense strength

    – Yes, physically she might appear delicate and fragile but emotionally you can never match her level of emotional strength. Not just that even while you were coming off her womb, scientifically it must have pained her what it pains to break 20 bones of your body and yet she was smiling when she held you.

strong mon has strength

  1. Her trust in you

    – You may often find it difficult to trust yourself at times but she will always find reasons to trust you. She constantly inspires you and motivates you to do better by making you believe in you.

her trust in you

  1. Ability to multitask

    – She can take up a conference call and cook food and sing a lullaby to her baby and do the laundry at the same time. They do not get tired and even if they do, a nap is enough to rejuvenate themselves back to action. Multitasking is engraved in the cells and she can do it like a boss!

multitasking mom

  1. You need her

    – “Where is mom?”, “Isn’t she home?” this is what you and your dad must be asking since decades the moment you are back home and couldn’t find her. There is something about her aura and her presence that makes you feel warm with merely her sight.

you need super human mom

Being a mother is not an easy job to do moreover, it is not even humanly possible to the favorites of many at the same time. The fact that she is too adorable for what she does for you and the entire family is appreciating. Just one day of thanking her is not going to be enough yet, expressing gratitude and making her efforts count will not hurt either.

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