7 Useful Startup Advice from Experienced Entrepreneurs

startup advice

Learn from the teachings of legends

In this ever increasing competitive professional network, if you are planning of starting a startup then you must have the ideas for making it a successful one. You must follow some tips given by much-experienced startup veterans. There is a range of resources available through which you can lead your business to a good position and create a great impact in your sector.

Here are some tips which might be helpful to you while starting up any business:

  1. Use Inexpensive Resources- Mukesh Ambani

Startup advices mukesh ambani

At the initial stage of any startup, money is the most required tool for gaining the maximum profit from it. If you spend money buying expensive services, you’ll run out of it for increasing the productivity. Instead, try to use inexpensive but good resources for your startup initially.

  1. Be Ready to Grab Opportunities- Steve Jobs

startup advice steve jobs

Opportunities once gone are gone forever. So always keep your sleeves rolled up and be ready opportunities coming your way, be it a smaller one or greatest of all. We never know which opportunity will be the turning point for you.

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  1. Connect to Your Soul- Sir Richard Branson

startup advice richard branson


Don’t go where the world is moving. Instead, listen to your inner voice and do as you want to because no one will know your real potential better than you. Only you know what you can do in any particular situation. Connect your mind with your heart and the results will be immense.

  1. Connect with Social Media- Howard Schultz

Startup advice howard

Social Networking sites are the best available ways to reach out to the customers. You can promote your business over there by sharing regular updates and posts of the products and services provided by you on your page. Make sure the logo of your company must be effective to drive people to visit your page.

  1. Have a Healthy Competition- Bill Gates

Startup advice bill gates

Get into competitions but only healthy ones. By healthy we mean the competitions which do not harm either you or any other one. By getting into the competitions, you get a chance to test your potentials and achieve what you want after getting through all odds.

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  1. Look after Yourself- Tim Cook

Startup advice tim cook

Starting a startup brings a lot of mental stress to you. Working on the business plans, finding investors, raising funds, designing proper hierarchy of the work, hiring right individuals, marketing, promoting, increasing productivity and services, creating a good impact in the network, seeking good position, all brings a lot of pressure to your mind. Working in all these factors simultaneously might be tough for you and you may fall weak mentally or physically. So you should look after yourself because if you are healthy your work will stay healthy.

  1. Build Relationships- Larry Page

Startup advice larry page

Business is best carried out when you have good relationships in your network. Try to build good relationships with the people you are working with. Be it your investors, your suppliers or simply your staff; maintain a good connection with all of them. Even if you aren’t working with someone at present, maintaining a good relation with that person might be fruitful to you in the future.

So what are you waiting for? Get up, work on your business plans and follow these tips. Even if you work on a couple of these tips, it will bring success to your startup for sure.

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