No place can be romantic if the two of you don’t go out of your ways to make the other person feel special. It’s you who can even make an intense romance at home or even totally mess it up at a perfect place. So the first thing is to be romantic on the day of Romance.

While you can be head over heels in love and can be romantic at almost every single place, you still need a stunning view or destination to make things more special. And if both love the place, nothing can capture more special moments for you than that.

So let’s explore some of the most romantic destinations around the world. The list would be handy this Feb 14th.

#1 Paris

To top this romantic list is none other than the ‘City of Love.’ If you want a different treatment this valentine’s, trip it up. Spring in Paris is already the best time, but Feb is excellent too. Take her to the top of Eiffel Tower or see the Mona Lisa. Walk or drive down the stunning roads of Paris with them. The city of love is surely going to make you fall in love again.

#2 The Bahamas

The country of 700 islands! Does that feel any romantic to you? Be it the architecture of the place or the alluring local activities; the country offers one of the best getaways for Valentine’s. Be mushy, be in love, romance it out, make it special.

#3 Alaska

This should be in the must visits of couples. The place has an unworldly appeal owing to its natural beauty. At the longest day of the year (June 21st) even the night gets naturally lighted up. The best day you both can have together. Cheers to your bond then.

#4 French Riviera

This would be another stunning add up to the list of couple destinations. The gorgeous Italian city of full of cultural heritages and striking architectural eye candies. What spices up the romantic aura of the place is the Arno River? It assures a sure shot hit Valentine’s this year.

#5 Amsterdam

This city has everything that it takes to make a great romantic air. Ther are ancient churches and marvellous streets. Amsterdam is one of the coolest cities in the world not just due to its aesthetics but temperatures as well. The heavy winters at the place will make you stick to each other. And then the place offers just the perfect environment and weather for you.

#6 Sydney

Sydney awaits for you every Valentine’s day as it knows it has everything that you need for the day. Known as the Harbor City, Sydney offers varied activities like beach fun, adventures, shopping, clubbing, dinners, and what not. Go chilling at the Bondi or go adventurous at Sydney Harbor Bridge. Some finest memories promised.

#7 Goa

Coming back to India, we have a paradise to offers for romance. It’s the Honeymoon Paradise in India. A beautiful church, breathtaking beaches, and a pleasant weather. Nothing can beat this. The place offers the yummy meals of sea foods, exciting water sports, and great boozes if you think that works for you.

So as we all know that no place can make you romantic if you aren’t passionately in love, yet these places will for sure elevate the levels for the ones who are. Some other beauties are Vienna, Milan, Mauritius, Koh Samui, Orkney, Cyprus, Cape Town, and Las Vegas. Pick your favourite and make this valentine’s special for your Valentine.