Fitness is not an option because it has to be a priority. While we often procrastinate our fitness schedule, one must understand that taking a good care of your body is like preserving the gift of nature. We treat fitness as a choice while on the contrary it has to be one of the mandatory regimes of the day.
Anyhow, if you are looking for something that would inspire you towards fitness with knowledge and all the know-how(s) then here is the list of some great blogs to follow.

Ask Lauren Fleshman

If you are a sports fanatic and running runs through your veins then here is the expert known as Lauren Fleshman who provides you an insight into health. He is five-time NCAA champion, middle distant runner.


Precision Nutrition –

Be it your eating habit, diets or your lifestyle, this blog certainly answers all your questions related to fitness and health. Check the ink and read it yourself.


Fit bottomed girls

No matter how quirky the name sounds, this blog is all that you need. From step by step guide to exercise, diets and habits to inculcating positive view towards life – this blog award you everything in just one window of your screen.


Sprouted Kitchen

The entire science behind food is unlocked at this blog. Be it seasonal vegetables, fruits or whole grains – this site is going to ensure that you stay healthy and fit without compromising even a bit on your taste buds!


Fanntastic food

Created by – Anne Mauney, this blog gets your hands on the delicious recipes that you might need in the period of your diet. Anne Mauney is renowned dieticians who tip you well on cooking and eating the right kind of food.



This blog has a whole lot of things to offer especially when it comes to running and exercising. This blog also informs you about the ways of training yourself, and tips given all the way from physical therapists, athletes, trainers and so on.




This blog does not restrict you only with physical tips, in fact, it makes you learn a lot more than this. The posts on the blog are related to your physical, mental, as well as spiritual health because fitness is not just abiding by your physique.

Om Gal Fitness blog

The power of yoga is known to the world and the posts on this blog highlights the same. Various postures of yoga that are beneficial to your heath related problems are written on this blog. This is basically an online diary of the creator which is highly popular amongst the yoga enthusiasts.


The general notion that people, who are obese, are the only ones in need of fitness is wrong. For a perfectly well life, each individual need to take the idea of fitness pretty seriously.

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Shweta Suvarna

Shweta Suvarna

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