8 Easy steps to break a Bad Habit

easy steps to break a bad habit

It’s not god to have one

Do you have any habit that seems to be disturbing? If no then try to examine yourself again. If you didn’t find any, then it’s good but stay alert for future and if you find one then try to break it down. Here are the steps to break down a bad habit:

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  1. Understand Your Habit

The most important thing need to do to break a bad habit is to first your habit. If some habit seems to be causing harm to you, then you definitely need to break that habit. And for that, you first need to set your mind about breaking your habit and clearly, examine how your habit is causing harm to you, and you need to cut it down.

  1. Change Your Thinking

Even when we know we possess some bad habit, most of the time we aren’t ready to break it down because we have built that habit since a long time and it seems to be tough to break that one. We need to change our thinking about the habit and look at it in negative aspects since a thing having negative aspect will be easier to break down.

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  1. Start Small

If you have a bad habit since a long time, then go snail pace to cut it down because a habit is difficult to break down at ones more importantly when it is a bad one. Don’t try to do everything at ones because you wouldn’t be able to do so. For if it would have been so easier then why would you have carried it so long?

  1. Make Tiny Changes

Don’t make drastic changes to your habit since it is your habit and it will somehow take some time to break. Instead, make small changes so that you won’t get disturbed by it and soon you will experience a major change in your habit and then you will break it down completely.

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  1. Change Your Environment

Sometimes some habits are built due to the environment we live in. The constant surrounding makes us build that habit stronger day by day be it a good or bad one. So if you realise that some bad habits have taken a room in you and aren’t getting down even after trying so hard then simply try to change your environment, it may really help you break down your habit easily.

  1. Be Patient

If you are trying to break down a habit for a long time and things aren’t working according to your plan then don’t lose hopes as some habits are difficult and they take time to break down. Be patient and keep trying for one day you will definitely get rid of that habit.

  1. Keep a Review

Just going on to break any habit will not give proper results about that. You need to keep a check on the activities you are doing and the impact they have in breaking down your habit. Keeping a review helps you in checking how much you have overcome your bad habit and what you need to do more to vanish it completely.

  1. Reward Yourself

Trying constantly for something will make that thing get to you one day for sure. Don’t quit trying to break your bad habit at any cost even if it takes a long time. Just keep on the work and one day it will pay off. Reward yourself ones you cut down your bad habit. Doing so will help to stay motivated and encourage you to do the same in the future.