8 Home renovation tips without creating a hole in your pocket

cost effective home renovation tips

Make your home beautiful without burning your pocket

Each one of us designs a dream house in their respective minds. Some desire for poolside while some wish for a spiral staircase and so on but all these huge ideas need a huge bank balance isn’t it? While this can be a dream that will surely come true, but why to wait till then?. We have jotted down a few ways that can make your house awesome without making a deep hole in your pocket.


    – A masterpiece wall can make your house pretty much attractive. Choose a vibrant colour like yellow, parrot green, red or blue and design it the way you want. This masterpiece designer wall can even be an amazing background for photo shoots.

A Masterpiece Wall


    – Self-love is significant, isn’t it? Then why not to decorate your home with a life-sized portrait of yours or your family r maybe both!

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    – It is always mesmerising to see your house following a particular scheme of colours. For instance, when it comes to the bedroom you can choose shades of green colour and buy your curtains, bed sheets, pillows in different shades of green creating a scheme. Similarly, you can choose another colour for your living room and create your own style.


home renovation tips follow a theme



    – Always add some antique piece to your house as that gives the much-needed artistic touch to your place. You can opt for a portrait n wooden frame or a bonfire at the corner. Adding antiques like such makes your home look intriguing.

Home renovation tips add antiques



    – If you are an avid reader then storing your books could be a task but then again your shelf need not to be boring and traditional one. Add a tinge of modernity to your home with the amazingly beautiful bookshelves like these ones.

floating bookshelf



    – In the middle of the hustle-bustle of the city life sipping up a cup of coffee sitting at the window is more than enough. A bigger window can only add beauty to your place if placed correctly. It will not only make your place properly ventilated, it will also make your place look spacious.

home renovation tipshuge window

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    – You might find it a little traditional but trust us, it works! Whether you opt for a designer vase as a showpiece or flowerpots, this idea can never get old. Floras bring positive vibes to a place, which is why this could be one of the good ideas to make your home awesome.

home renovation tips flowers and vase


    – Nothing can beat the beauty of greenery. If you have a place right in front of your house then plan out your garden with seasonal flowers there or else if you are short of place then opt for your balcony. You can choose a corner or prepare our garden around your grill of the balcony. Gardens imitate good vibes and are the pleasure to see.

home renovation tips kitchen garden

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These were a few ideas through which you can decorate your home and make it look awesome! If you have anything else to add, please feel free to suggest in the comment below.

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