8 Unbelievably Unusual Ways People Die These Days

unusual ways people die

Although each one of us has to die come a day, some of us are dying for the most strange reasons.

We, humans, have come a lot far in our modes of living. Uncountable things changed about our lives on earth, but the thing that remains intact is our mortality. We still die, we can’t be immortal.

Although each one of us has to die come a day, some of us are dying for the most strange reasons. Let’s take a look and beware of these.

#1 Sexual heart attacks

This would come as a bizarre fact, but yes, sex can even kill you. Recent reports claimed that sex-induced heart attacks are becoming more common in men now. So after a certain age, you might kill yourself out of sex and lie there dead naked and naked dead.

#2 Ice bucket challenges

Ice bucket challenges started with a noble cause of charity and went viral within no time. Celebrities stepped up to the task and made it a bigger trend. But then it became a killer.

The challenge in many cases proved fatal. People started dying of pneumonia-related issues. About 38 per cent of the participants got sick, and half of those sick people died.

#3 You can die of laughing

Laughing is believed to have a positive impact on our health. But it can even be the other way round.

Journal Of Neurology states that strong convulsive laughter can cause cardiac arrest or asphyxiation. This could be reason enough to die.

#4 Yoga can also kill

NASA Center for Yoga Research says yoga is killing a lot of us. Girls posting those Yoga pics in sexy sports bras are pretty unaware that they might be pursuing death. Yoga is a saviour but doing the wrong tricks may just buckle up your body. Related deaths rose to 10 times higher in the last 5 years.

#5 Doctors

Doctors save us. Can they be any killer?

Many of the new medical universities aren’t good enough to prepare the best leagues of Doctors. With a great number of immature doctors graduating, medical negligence is at rising. Result? Increased medical deaths.


You would have watched that “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Many wonder why can’t they be that Christian Grey guy.

There is no boundary to the act, and people tend to do whatever they think would please in the act. These sexual acts have resulted in many deaths across the globe.

#7 Killer selfies

Selfies are a craze. People have gone way too ahead in search of that perfect shot, that which is deadly. Deadly shots have killed many, and still, people don’t care to educate themselves against these.

#8 Oh! Malaysian Airlines

That’s strange, right? Malaysian Airlines have killed enough to be listed in the reasons for death. Each of its aircraft crashed last year. It’s 5th biggest cause of death in the world, mind you.

Airlines are considered the safest mode of travel except when they suddenly go missing

These 8 unusual ways that killed people will make you wiser towards life. You now know that there is no limit to the causes of human death. Anything can kill you in an unusual way, and people would only wonder how that happened.

Have you ever come across any death due to above reasons? Share your story.

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