9 things you relate to if your best friend an introvert

introvert best friend

The only one who understands him/her is you

Friendship blossoms surpassing the economic, social, geographical, psychological, and physical barriers. We make friends often and some turn into best friends. Since we are humans, we do differ in personalities, etiquettes, opinions, and stands. Broadly saying we all are categorised into Extroverts and Introverts. However, what if you are an extrovert and your BFF is an introvert?

Here are some instances when you can totally relate to all the extroverts around the world who have an introvert BFF.

  1. You talk and your BFF listens

You will constantly find you chirping while your buddy would silently listen to you. This would often make you feel that you are too talkative but trust us, your BFF is quieter!

  1. The social element

While you are on most of the social media platforms, your BFF is not even on half of them. Often you face the pangs of envy when you see the other BFF(s) sharing pictures on social media while you cannot even tag your BFF.

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  1. No pictures

No matter how much are you willing to click pictures your BFF just won’t take any. #Enoughsaid


  1. You feel special

People often have misconceptions about your BFF and only you know the real person in him/her all thanks to the years you have spent with her. Others merely see her on the surface but you know your BFF in and out and that is what you are proud about.


  1. Reliability is what you get

You BFF might not be an outgoing person like you, but he/she is all yours and that somehow makes your bond totally special.

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  1. You own ways of having fun

Unlike others, you cannot take your BFF to clubs or dance your heart out but you do have your own little ways of having fun like – Trying a new cuisine once in a month, making fun of people you both dislike.



  1. Know the story –

While rest of the world only gets to see what your BFF wants to show, you get to read the stories of her life and that makes you feel incredibly lucky!

  1. To go or not

There is a constant tug of war between you to when it comes to planning an outing. The activities that you would include won’t get your BFF’s approval mostly so, you need to find a mid way always.


  1. Asked to calm down

Since your BFF is subtle, decent, and calm and quiet, you are often seen as the notorious and impatient one. #wefeelyou

It might be difficult to show off in public how much lucky do you consider yourself yet deep down you know how strong this best friend support system is to you.


Shweta Suvarna

Shweta Suvarna

A media student and aspiring writer. Loves to talk, observe and know people. Not entirely an extrovert, neither a hardcore introvert. Self driven and self motivated individual who seeks for nothing more than growth. "Be you own flame, even if it burns a little"