Let me start by taking the example of Michael Ross. How many of you are familiar with this character? Well for those who don’t know about him let me give a brief description. Michael Ross is one of the main protagonists of the popular American legal drama TV series, Suits aired on USA Network. Suits is a law firm, operating in Chicago deals mainly with abnormal cases. Michael Ross is one of the lawyers working in the firm who claims to have a degree in law from Harvard. But the truth is he is a college dropout with no real degree in hand. But he is such an expert lawyer that no one ever doubted his academics. His intellect has helped him win many cases despite being a non-graduate.

I’m not here to gossip about some TV series. It’s the duty of the critics. Instead I’m here to justify why degree is not important for being successful in life. I gave the example of Michael Ross to explain why degree isn’t everything. It’s the skills inside you that pave the path to success. Just as Michael is one of the most successful lawyers despite being a non-graduate, similarly there are numerous practical examples that prove the fact. In fact, if you just Google, you will find numerous examples of the case. It is not at all uncommon; in fact it is quite natural in some exception cases.

Right from our childhood we hear from our parents that academic qualification is the key to success. But that is not all true. It’s the inner intellect inside you that takes you to the pinnacle of your success. Degrees are definitely a helping hand. But it’s not the degrees that prove your skills. The degrees can only create opportunities. Once the opportunity is created, it is up to you how you grab onto the opportunity and make use of it to the fullest. It is your inner skills that deliver when demanded and not the degrees.

Success was never directly proportional to education. Different people have different perspective of success. For someone success means just earning money irrespective of the procedure. While for someone success means just being contented. Someone may even consider higher degrees to be a yardstick for success. Education might instill some confidence or a sense of self respect in the person. But at the end of the day it is you passion, interest, focus, dedication that matters. Education cannot earn respect. But success definitely can. Once a person reaches his pinnacle, no one cares what his academic qualifications are. No one cares that Steve Jobs was a college dropout or Sachin Tendulkar failed in his board examinations. Even Bill Gates the richest person was a Harvard dropout. As quoted by Mr. Bill Gates: “the toppers from my class are now my employees” explains how success changes the scenario of the world around you.

Succeeding without degrees is a hard way round. To succeed on has to follow a few guidelines as stated-

  1. Be a visionary

  2. Spontaneous execution

  3. Never quitting attitude

  4. Forever learning

From the examples mentioned above we can see that education is not the only answer to success. Success can be achieved by other ways too. It is up to the person how he decides to succeed in life.

Vipul Jain

Vipul Jain

I am just hard working., And believe in doing instead of saying.