Best Plants to have in Your Kitchen Garden

Here is the list of some plants which you can place in your kitchen garden which are rich in their nutritional content and also hold medicinal properties:

Plants always bring a smile on our face and make us feel refreshing when they are around us. Since we cannot stay around them all day long but we can keep them with us as long as we can. Here is the list of some plants which you can place in your kitchen garden which are rich in their nutritional content and also hold medicinal properties:

  1. Basil

A very good option to keep a plant in your kitchen garden is basil. Basil is a popular ancient herbal plant known for the health benefits it provides. Basil holds disease preventing and health promoting properties. It also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Hence it is a good option to keep in your kitchen garden.


  1. Mint

Mint is best used as a mouth and breath freshener. It holds good medicinal properties and is available in a number of species. Mint leaves help you in proper digestion. You can cure your coughs, nausea and headaches by means of mint leaves. Mint and its oil and help you fight depression and fatigue. Mint helps you fight Asthama as well.


  1. Lemon

Lemon is known for the nutritional value it holds. It is good in vitamin C and contains a good amount of potassium. Lemon holds several beauty benefits like it can help to remove the marks from your face. It helps you to remove dandruff from your hairs. It has several health benefits as well. It helps in proper digestion and protects kidney, liver, bladder and pancreas. It also provide protection to the cardiovascular system.


  1. Tomatoes

Tomato is best known for its dense fiber content and it is also rich in nutrients. Tomato helps to prevent chronic diseases. Also tomato helps to fight heart diseases, diabetes as well as cancer. It helps you lower the blood pressure and maintain it. Tomato is a good option when you are going through constipation. It’s good for pregnant women as well.


  1. Coriander

Coriander helps to fight high cholesterol, skin inflammation, indigestion and diarrhea. It is beneficial for people suffering from menstrual disorder, small pox, conjunctivitis, anemia etc. Beside holding the health benefits, coriander leaves can be used for garnishing purpose. Using coriander leaves you can decorate your dishes beautifully.


  1. Chives

Chives can be commonly confused with green onions. They belong to the family of onions but are different from them. They are smaller in diameter and appear like grass from distance. This low calories plant holds good health benefits. It contains good amount of anti-oxidants, fibers, minerals and vitamins. Chives help you for proper digestion as it contain good amount of fibers. It holds cardiovascular benefits. It also improves your bone health.


  1. Oregano

Oregano is a good medicinal herb. It is popular for its disease preventing properties. It also contains health promoting properties. It contains rich dietary fibers which is helpful in maintaining proper digestion.