Squats might just top the list of your ideal butt exercises, is it? But mind you, it’s a task to get a tush like JLo relying just on that. You have already been overlooking some way too better options than that.

We do agree that squats are one of the bests in the business. They can work up every part and every angle of your glutes. But here’s a thing. What if you get a range of moves as efficient and yet diverse in styles? Squats and squats and squats might get boring for you. So if you have already decided to work your butts up, get the best of these moves that might just put your squats out of business.

Single kettlebell leg lift

Single kettlebell leg lift-butt exercises

You need nothing besides a kettlebell. Hold a 20 lbs kettlebell in your left hand. Start off with your right leg intact on the ground. Keep your left leg relaxed and your back straight. Now bring down the kettlebell closer to the ground by bringing your upper body down and left leg extended back for balance. Stay a bit and come back to initial position. Then swap your legs and do the same. 3 sets and 15 reps are enough.

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Curtsy lunges

curtsy lunges - butt exercises

Another simple yet incredibly powerful move. Stand straight and hold your feet apart by a comfortable gap. Now keep your hands at the hips and carry your left leg a step back also crossing the right one. Down your left knee a little towards the floor. Next, take your hips lower until the left leg is lateral to the ground. Hold on a bit, stand up again with a side kick off of your left leg. Repeat the act with legs swapped. Go for 3 sets and 15 reps.

Fire hydrant and leg extension

firehydrant leg extension - butt exercises

Another one from the league of most powerful butt exercises that’s too simple to pull off. It’s like how a dog would pee. Come on all fours while your knees bend at 90 degrees. Keep your knees at hips width and lift your left leg on the outer side to extend backwards. Hold for a couple of seconds, get back, and repeat with the other leg. Go for 3 sets and 20 reps.

Barbell/Dumbbell step ups

step ups - butt exercises

This one would require some props, though. You need a bench and a barbell/ dumbbell. Keep the bench before you and place your right foot at its centre. Next, hold your barbell behind your head with both hands. Or if you choose dumbbells, you can hold it with hands straight down. Then, just step up on the bench and stand with your left knee forward. Give some repetitions and come back down. Do it with another leg as well. Pull off 3 sets and 20 reps.

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Bear plank leg lift

bear plank leg lift - butt exercises

This leg lifting is among the most active butt exercises. First of all, come into the plank position with a straight body. Now bend your right leg, squeeze your buttocks, and lift the right foot as above as you can. Hold on for a couple of seconds and lower it down. Repeat with your left leg. 3 sets and 15 reps would be great.

So replace your normal squats with these varieties of moves to get better results and better bums.