In our everyday life we are facing various types of challenges. It seems as if every minute welcomes a new challenge to our life. As a result our life is full of challenges and it is building up day by day. But if we see carefully and take everything to consideration, the challenges that we face makes us more and more strong. So as the challenges pile up, so does our strength. Now you might be wondering how. In this article you’ll get an idea of what I’m trying to say.

We start facing challenges right from the moment we come to the world and challenges keep coming to us till we breathe our last. Even when we started our schooling we faced challenges in the form of exams and competition from our classmates.

Our challenges don’t end. As we grow, we start facing challenges in the forms of financial issues and other matters; such as family or personal. As challenges come, we try to chicken out of them, despite the fact that they never stop coming to us. We think that if we run away from the challenges, they might end, but that is nothing but our mistake.

Whatever might be the reason, we should never run away from challenges. Instead we must face them and challenge them. It is the key to our own success. Running away from challenges is never going to bring any success. Rather if we face them and win the situation, only then we can taste success and the glory associated with it. After continuously facing challenges, we keep on wondering and questioning why us?

Always remember a fact- you are who you are because of everything that has ever happened to you. Everyone wishes and prays for an easy and smooth and better life. But instead of working for it, or looking for the silver lining of the problems, people always consider themselves as a victim of the situation; not considering or trying to come over the situation. People stop trying to feel the magic of winning a challenge. Instead they start complaining and feel sorry of the situation. One should see how a cancer patient with a strong will tries and enjoys every moment he lives. We should take inspiration from them.

Let’s take an example. We have all come across people who keep whining about their financial, career or relationship status. Do you like these people? Or at the back of your mind you say ‘here they go again once’ as soon as they start talking with you. It’s not meant to offend someone. But unless and until one is ready to accept the things that are happening to them or consider the fact that whatever is happening is bound to happen, he can never be happy about it. It is the truth of life that challenges is bound to come.

It is your duty to face them. Once you start facing the challenges and start overcoming them, you’re sure to find a different meaning of life. As you start winning challenges, your urge and effort to overcome challenges will increase. You’ll feel the sweetness of victory. Once you taste victory, there’s no turning back. You’ll understand life much better than it may seem.

So start facing challenges and overcome them. You’ll definitely enjoy life and be happy. You want happiness in your life don’t you? Or do I have the wrong perception about you?

Varun Choudhary

Varun Choudhary

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